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The CANtrak 7200 and 7210 are a series of intelligent, multi-function displays. The ideal man-machine interface, this display family monitors numerous CAN-based messages and displays the current status of user-defined parameters. With its J1939 or custom CAN capability, the CANtrak offers easy integration into a CAN-based control system of MotoHawk or third-party electronics for virtually any type of on-road or off-road vehicle. The CANtrak display is easily configured by New Eagle. A wide range of mounting kits, wiring harnesses and other accessories are also available.

Platform Benefits

  • RS232, J1708/J1587 and CANbus datalink compatible
  • Monochrome display
  • Front and rear mountable (fitting kits required)
  • CE Approved design
  • Diagnostics interface to the MotoHawk ECU
  • CSA Certified and cold weather operation options
  • C-Based programming
  • Easily interchangeable with the KAntrak 2700/2710

CANtrak Hardware Comments

Audible Alarm Output

The 4 kHz "audible alarm" is a single-tone volume device. In a noisy machine environment the 7210 model has an open collector output. It can be used to drive a relay for an external horn, lights, etc.

Difference between CANtrak 7200 and CANtrak 7210

CANtrak 7200 and CANntrak 7210 differ in temperature rating and aux output. The CANtrak 7210 has an internal heater for operation in lower temperatures, and it is the only version with an output (low side) to pull a relay, light or alarm.

KAntrak displays in a cold box at -38˚C
KAntrak 2600 damage after cold box testing

Applications of the CANtrak

Generic Engine Monitor (GEM) Application for CANtrak

For existing J1939 systems, New Eagle can provide displays that have a generic, J1939-compatible program that should work off-the-shelf. This application shows common parameters (RPM, oil pressure, etc.) as well as DM1 faults. You can get an idea of the capability of this application by reading the GEM Manual found below.

J1587 to J1939 Converter

The CANtrak 7200/7210 hardware has both serial and CAN communication channels. One common application is as a converter to or from a CAN protocol to integrate older (pre-CAN) products with newer controls and communications.

We will need a list of messages to convert and protocols (J1939, NMEA2000, GMLAN, etc.) to quote this converter. You also get a configurable display as a bonus.

System Monitor

This multi-purpose display can act as a system monitor as well as interact with the actuators through the controller, or change parameters or calibrations within the controller with the press of a button.


CANtrak 7200

3D CAD Drawing
CANtrak GEM Manual

CANtrak 7210

GEM Manual
GEM J1939/J1587 Signals