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UAS-5743R-047 (M47)

The M47 is a UAS propulsion control module, a part of the Raptor embedded Model-Based Design (eMBD) controls development platform for cruise missiles or UAS systems. The M47 was specifically designed to drive turbine or internal combustion engines but can be used as a general-purpose controller where IO matches the system needs.

The M47 has two CAN buses, configurable discrete inputs and outputs including differential analog inputs, frequency inputs, low-side driver outputs, and a three-phase BLDC driver.

The M47 is programmed using MATLAB/Simulink and Raptor-Development tools that significantly speed up algorithm development by using automatic software integration and code generation. In addition, developers can quickly test application software using simulation and Raptor automated testing.


UAS-5743R-047-2102 (M47)



S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1

Please reference the following document to download and install the compiler from NXP's website.

M47 Compiler Installation Guide

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