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The Raptor-Telematics library contains blocks that can be utilized in communicating with Raptor-Telematics hardware. These pre-built blocks are provided to simplify tasks related to integrating the remote monitoring and remote ECU software update capabilties provided by the Raptor-Telematics.


Block Description Appearance
Raptor-Telematics Allow Update

This block notifies the TCM that it can apply a pending update. The application running on this controller will be stopped and a new application will then be loaded. Please assure that the system is in a safe state before triggering this block.

Raptor-Telematics Allow Update block
Raptor-Telematics STU Protocol

This block sets up the Raptor-Telematics Safe to Update (STU) protocol. It receives notifications from the Telematics Control Module (TCM) regarding pending updates to the ECU software. The update() function is called when the TCM has sent notice of a pending update. When the application is in a safe state for allowing an update to proceed, use the Raptor-Telematics 'Allow Update' block to inform the TCM to proceed. The application runnning on this controller will be stopped and a new application will then be loaded.

Raptor-Telematics STU Protocol block