Raptor Telematics FAQ

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How do I adjust the report period for an existing vehicle?

Note: You must have 'Fleet Manager' or 'Admin' privileges for your company's account on the portal at telematics.neweagle.net in order to modify configurations.

1. Login to telematics.neweagle.net

2. Locate the 'Vehicles' pane on the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on the vehicle you'd like to modify. This will take you to the page for this vehicle or system.

3. Click 'Configure <VehicleName>' link at the bottom, if this link doesn't exist, then this vehicle's configuration is set by a shared template. To edit the template, click the 'Edit <VehicleName>' link, this will take you to a page for editing details about this vehicle. Near the bottom of the page it will tell you the template active for this vehicle. Click that link to edit the shared template. Editing the shared template will affect all vehicles linked to that template.

4. Enter the new 'reportPeriod' parameter value.

5. Click 'Save'.

The configuration for this vehicle will be updated automatically over the air in the next few minutes. If you modified a shared template, all vehicles linked to that template will be updated.