DBW PWM to Analog Pedal Emulator

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The New Eagle DBW PWM to Analog Converter converts PWM Duty Cycle signals into proportional 0-5V analog output. It is optimized to operate in Drive-By-Wire (DBW) applications.

Safety Pulse Feature

The converter is designed to take the Raw Analog and Digital signals from the accelerator and brake pedals respectively and either pass the signal through to the OEM ECU or override the signals with commanded PWM signals from the DBW Aftermarket ECU. The safety feature is intended for vehicle pedals in Drive-By-Wire applications. This feature ensures that the original pedal signal (i.e., the analog signal from the actual pedal) will pass through the PWM to Analog box to the OEM ECU unimpeded if the External Control Module (ECM) freezes or loses power. If the New Eagle PWM to Analog Converter loses power, then its output will default to the Pass-Through signals as well.

Features include:

  • 0-5V Analog output proportional to PWM Duty Cycle
  • Redundant connections for accelerator and brake pedal sensors
  • 8-20V Operating voltage
  • Works with Low-Side drive inputs
  • Does not require TTL inputs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What makes the 2001 and 2002 different?

    A: The 2002 has a 200Hz operating frequency.

Q: Can the DBW PWM to Analog Converter tolerate reverse battery connection?

    A: Yes.







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