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Product Summary

The ECM-555-48 controller family is capable of operating in harsh automotive, marine and off-highway applications. The onboard floating-point unit and high clock frequency allow software to be executed in shorter times. The CAN 2.0B datalink ensures interoperability with other vehicle systems. Each controller is available in 'F' (flash) or 'C' (calibratable) versions. Flash modules are typically used for production purposes, while calibration modules are typically for prototyping/development only and can be calibrated in real time using MotoTune.

This configuration of 48-pin module is based on the Freescale MPC555 (40 MHz) processor. Typical applications include engine emissions control, transmissions and hydraulics for small industrial four-cylinder sequential and eight-cylinder batch-fire engines.

Features include:

  • Freescale MPC555, 40 MHz Microprocessor
  • Operating voltage: 8-16VDC
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C
  • Sealed connectors operable to 10 ft submerged
  • 2 CAN 2.0B channels

Family includes:

  • ECM-555-48-0701
  • ECM-555-48-0704
  • ECM-555-48-0707
  • ECM-555-48-0708
  • ECM-555-48-0710





ECM-555-48 (36301) Known Datasheet Errata

Page 1 of ECM-0555-048 Family of Engine Control Modules datasheet shows two (2) CAN 2.0B channels when it should show one (1) CAN 2.0B channel and one (1) RS485 channel as of 4/13/2010.

The overview calls out an H-Bridge, however, no model numbers have any H-Bridges.


ECM 555-48 Part Number Availability

October 2010 Note - For 48-pin, 0701,0704,0707,0708 & 0710 are current. 0702, 0703 & 0705 are obsolete. Note that all 555-48 models have a pending model roll but no functionality changes; it’s a Continental requested change for manufacturability.

Model ECM0706
Not available
ECM0707 ECM0708 ECM0709
Not available
Replaces ECM0701 ECM0702 ECM0703 ECM0704 ECM0705
Replaces ---- ECM0402 ECM0501 ECM0401 ECM0403

ECM Differences

MotoHawk Target Current MotoTron part numbers (What to ask for When Ordering)
ECM-0555-048-0706 ECM-0555-048-0701 (-0706 not produced, replaces -none-) <--VR crank
ECM-0555-048-0707 ECM-0555-048-0707 (-0702 not produced, replaces -0402) <--VR crank
ECM-0555-048-0708 ECM-0555-048-0708 (-0703 not produced, replaces 0401) <--Digital/Hall crank
ECM-0555-048-0709 ECM-0555-048-0704 (-0709 not produced, replaces -0401) <--VR crank
ECM-0555-048-0710 (-0705 not produced, replaces -0403) <--VR crank (either
MH target should work)

MPC5XX EEPROM Clarification

  • All XXX-563-48 controllers have 16k of EEPROM
  • The ECM-555-80 and ECM-555-48-0710 have 8k
  • All other ECM-555 have 4k


The ECM-5XX controller family weighs 16 oz.

Shutdown Behavior

The ECM-555-48 has an internal diode between ECUP and DRVP, so that it can be powered by DRVP in the event of ECUP power cut. These modules don't have a separate key-switch input - ECUP should be cut-on, key-off and the module can then initiate controlled shutdown while still being powered by DRVP. This behavior is the same with ECM-555-80 but differs from the 128-pin module which has a separate KEY_SW input and takes module power only from ECUP.

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