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Product Summary

The ECM-555-80 family is capable of operating in harsh automotive, marine and off-highway applications. The onboard floating-point unit and high clock frequency allow software to be developed in shorter times. Dual CAN 2.0B datalinks ensure interoperability with other system components. 80-pin modules are designed for engine and powertrain (ECM) control. It is based on a Freescale MPC555 processor running at 40 MHz.

The 80-pin module includes multiple DSP knock inputs, optional EGO oxygen sensor inputs, as well as a high-current H-Bridge driver. Typical applications include knock control and peak/hold fuel injection for 12-cylinder sequential engines.

Features include:

  • Motorola MPC555, 40 MHz Microprocessor
  • Operating voltage: 9-16VDC
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 105°C
  • Sealed connectors operable to 10 ft submerged

Family includes:

  • ECM-555-80-0801
  • ECM-555-80-0802
  • ECM-555-80-0803








H-Bridge Issues

H-bridge 2 on the 80-pin modules had an issue that it would not work bidirectionally unless the encoder block was in the model. This issue was fixed with MotoHawk 2011a and subsequent versions.

MPC5XX EEPROM Clarification

  • All XXX-563-48 controllers have 16k of EEPROM
  • The ECM555-80 and ECM555-48-0710 have 8k
  • All other ECM555 have 4k

Part Number History

The 80-pin 0701, 0702 and 0703 were all rolled to 0801, 0802 and 0803 with no other changes planned. For DEV units, they are still at 07xx versions which are functional equivalents. Continental did not update the DEV PCB layout for this minor change.

It was an original design issue with the STOP's FUELP disable that Mercury Racing was having problems with. Basically, the disable transistor was moved from post pre-driver to pre-pre-driver. There is no impact to software or functionality.

Thus, ECM555-80 0801, 0802, 0803 are the current PCM 555-80 ECUs.

The ECM-555-80-310 is also available for purchase. This ECU is an earlier version of the 803 with the exact same I/O.


The weight of the ECM 555-80 is 26 ounces.

Shutdown Behavior

The ECM-555-80 has an internal diode between ECUP and DRVP, so that it can be powered by DRVP in the event of ECUP power cut. These modules don't have a separate key-switch input - ECUP should be cut-on, key-off and the module can then initiate controlled shutdown while still being powered by DRVP. This behavior is the same with ECM-555-48 but differs from the 128-pin module which has a separate KEY_SW input and takes module power only from ECUP.


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