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GCM-S12X-64-1101 (DCSM - DC Switching Module)

New Eagle offers a MotoHawk target module, the DC switching module, for power management for on- and off-road vehicles, marine and more. This is the first module with high side, high current outputs for DC load switching for mobile hydraulics, telematics and vehicle control.

The DCSM is used as either a MotoHawk target or as a CAN-based input/output slave.

Wireless Remote Switching Application

The DCSM can be programmed using MotoHawk to act as a slave IO device using a remote-control device. The DCSM can be used by itself as a master and in addition with others as slaves. The module will communicate to the handset receiver via CANopen blocks.

MotoHawk Version Required

The DC Switching Module is currently supported by MotoHawk versions 2012b and newer.

LIN Support

The DCSM module has a LIN channel available in the hardware, but the MotoHawk release does not support LIN.




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