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GCM-5605B-048 (GCM48)

The GCM48 is a general-purpose control module with six CAN buses, two LIN masters and one LIN slave, and configurable discrete inputs and outputs, including analog inputs, frequency inputs, a wake input, low-side driver outputs and an H-bridge driver output.

The GCM48 is one of the Raptor rugged production controllers that use a software development process based on MATLAB/Simulink, known as Raptor-Dev. Raptor-Dev significantly speeds up algorithm development by using automatic integration and code generation. In addition, developers can quickly test application software using simulation and automated testing.






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I fix LIN1 and LIN2 communication issues?

    A: It has been discovered that in the 2002 and 2008 revisions the LIN1 and LIN2 resources are swapped. Previous documentation was incorrect, and the datasheet now reflects the proper pin-out. 
    If you are transitioning your system from a 2002 or 2008 to a 2104 and use LIN1 or LIN2, you will need to swap these pins.

Q: What is the baud rate for recovery of the GCM48?

    A: Recovery procedure is CAN 1, 500K baud rate. The GCM48 boot procedure works at 500K baud only.

Q: Can I flash the GCM48 on different CAN buses?

    A: The GCM48-1906 and GCM48-2002 variants of the GCM48 can only be flashed on CAN1 with a fixed address. The GCM48-2008 and GCM48-2104 support flashing on different CAN buses.

Q: What is new in the GCM48-2104?

    A: The GCM48-2104 only utilizes 7 low-side outputs. In this variant, LSO6 is utilized for "Fuel Level Indicator" actuation and is not able to function as a typical LSO.

Q: How much current does the module sink when hibernating? How much does it sink when not hibernating?

    A: When WAKE_INPUT1 is low, the module draws about 550uA. When WAKE_INPUT1 is high (module is on), it draws about 120mA.

Q: Are there other user tips and Q&As on Raptor ECUs published?

    A: Yes, see the knowledge base on the support portal.  https://neweagle.net/product-support/

Q: Can I purchase a 2008? Are these modules available?

    A: No, this is not a stocked item, but it is available with a large production order.  Contact sales for more information.


S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1
Please reference the following document to download and install the compiler from NXP's website.

GCM48 Compiler Installation Guide

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