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User Guide

Contact New Eagle Sales. This can be provided under NDA with an approved application.

MI-EV36-BNKx Oil

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From the User Guide:

Oil Polyol-ester Oil (POE)

• The approved POE oil is MA68EV, which is available from JX Nippon Oil & Energy.

• MA68EV is compatible to GM service oil part number “88862657” or Ford service oil part number “YN-32”.

• System oil quantity is determined according to the following formula: Oil Charge => (Oil charge)/(Oil charge + Refrigerant Charge) = 16%

• The EV36BNKx is shipped with 120g of POE oil. This assumes a system charge of no more than 630g of refrigerant.

• If a system requires more than 630g of refrigerant, including service, additional oil must be added. Please use the POE oil specified above.

• POE is very sensitive to moisture in the A/C system. Moisture can create sludge, and may cause the refrigerant system failure/reduce the electrical insulation.

- To prevent moisture ingression the A/C system, MCC recommends not opening the caps of any components in the A/C system (compressor, plumbing, HVAC, receiver/accumulator, battery-chiller, etc.) until just before assembly.
- To protect the refrigerant system from moisture a desiccant is required. A compatible desiccant and amount should be determined based on inherent system moisture levels as well as calculated ingression due to elastomeric material selection, diameter, and length for the anticipated life of the vehicle system.

• Do not mix POE oil with PAG oil. This includes any PAG oil contained in leak detection dyes, and the PAG oil that remains in the A/C service equipment hoses after use





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Has anyone used the MI-EV36-BNKx for something other than HVAC? Like battery cooling with a heat exchanger?

       A:  Yes, the A/C Compressor is also used to cool the battery.  On one application, the EV36BNKx Compressor supports three (3) refrigerant loops (i.e. Front HVAC, Rear 
           HVAC, Battery Cooling).