KAntrak 1700

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The KAntrak 1700 is an intelligent, multi-function display and the perfect platform to empower your electronic systems with flexibility and control. It allows the user to easily monitor critical engine parameters such as oil pressure and water temperature as well as providing an alarm system to alert the user when the ECU detects an engine fault. Its compact size is ideally suited for use on low-power vehicles and equipment such as small construction machines, generators and agricultural equipment. With its J1939 data bus, the KAntrak 1700 is easily integrated into most third-party CAN-based systems. It can also be combined with many other Kongsberg Automotive electronic products, such as the MCM, DCSM, CCIM and keypads, to create a full-scale monitoring and control system for virtually any type of vehicle or industrial equipment.

Features include:
  • 2.3” LCD to easily monitor critical engine parameters
  • Compact size ideal for use on low-power vehicles and equipment
  • Warning LED that notifies the operator of engine faults and warning codes to prevent engine breakdown or vehicle downtime
  • Backlit buttons for use in dark environments

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Installation Manual