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BMS Configuration Document

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Basic Configuration Example

Lithium Balance Basic Configuration example:

Let’s take an example. If you are building a 72V battery based on LFP cells at 3V nominal per cell, then you need 72V/3V = 24 cells. That is a 24C configuration.

You need:
• 1x (LIB-BMCU-001) BMCU
• 3x (LIB-LMU-001) LMU – as each LMU covers 8 cells.
• 1x (LIB-HARKIT-BMCU-01) Harness kit for BMCU v6 including IO wire 400mm
• 3x (LIB-HARNKIT-LMU-01) Harness kit for LMU v6 including 120mm Comm Wire and Temp Sensor
• 1x (LIB-MGT-SW-001) Diagnostic Software v6/PRO and Inst. Manual including 5h support
• Nx (LIB-SRV-SW-001) Diagnostic Software v6/SERVICE and Inst. Manual (Where 'N' is the number the customer needs for their service technicians: i.e., if they have one service technician, they need one.)

User Manual

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BMS Housing Available

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