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Product Summary

GCM5554-112 controller
GCM5554-112 controller

This is a high-end control module family capable of operating in harsh automotive, marine, and off-highway applications. Each controlloer is available in 'F' (flash) or 'C' (calibratible) versions. Flash modules are typically used for production purposes, while calibratible modules are typically for prototyping/development only and can be calibrated in real time using MotoTune. These modules are based on Freescale MPC5553 or 5554 processors running at 80 MHz. The 112-pin modules offer a full complement of memory storage, 3 CAN channels, 1 serial RS485 channel, and many digital and analog I/O including frequency, crank position, and DSP knock detection, and EGO oxygen sensor inputs as well ability to control and configure upto 8 Fuel Injectors, several Low Side Outputs and 2 H-bridges.

Features Include
  • Motorola MPC5554, 80MHz Microprocessor
  • Operating Voltage: 9-16 VDC, 24V (Jump start), 4.5V (Crank)
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 105°C
Family includes:
  • GCM-5554-112-1001 F M
  • GCM-5554-112-1001 C M


GCM-5554-112 Datasheets

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