Multiplexed Power Distribution Module

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The Multiplexed Power Distribution Module (MPDM) offers economical CAN network oversight for high-power circuits in vehicle electrical systems. It is also known as the Cooper Busman mVec and functions as a multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center. It is manufactured as a hardened and weathertight module. The MPDM may be configured to provide various OEM circuit protections and switching functions using industry standard fuses, relays and breakers. The status and control of each circuit is then accessible through J1939/CANopen messages. In addition, the connector and power/ground studs have weathertight connectors. A MotoHawk library is also available for easy integration of the MPDM.


  • High Power: This module uses a technology that is ideal for high current circuits and networking electronics. Each module is rated up to 30A and has a maximum of 32 outputs. 12- and 24-volt systems are both supported on this module.
  • Ruggedness: Waterproof to high pressure spraying, this module is designed and manufactured with robust features such as heavy-duty housing, silicon and Gortex gasketing and protective conformal coated electronics, allowing it to operate in demanding vehicle environments such as those found in construction, agriculture, heavy truck, bus, RV, marine and specialty vehicle markets.
  • Flexibility: This module is offered in various standard and customized versions, with custom versions being configured to OEM wiring requirements. It accepts relays, fuses, circuit breakers, resistors, diodes, etc., based on the industry standard 2.8 mm footprint. Not only that, but the software also works with MotoHawk, and New Eagle offers a pre-programmed application library to facilitate seamless integration with systems being developed on the same platform.

Features include:

  • Operating voltage: 9V to 32V
  • Max current capacity: 200 Amps
  • Max current capacity per pin: 30 Amps
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Ingress protection IP66 equivalent
  • CAN Baud rate: 250kbps
  • Multiple modules will work on a single CAN bus

Product Information

New Eagle sells two configurations of the MPD Module. One has eight relays and 16 fuses, the other has 12 relays and eight fuses. Please click on the pictures below to see the pin mappings from relays/fuses to output connector. These are also present in the internal connection drawing documents available for download below.

8-Relay Configuration

Within the eight-relay configuration, there are two options based on power input connectors:

  • Power inputs with M8 studs
  • Sealed power inputs with connectors

12-Relay Configuration

Please contact sales. Must be ordered in multiples of 8.



User Manual
3-D CAD (.stp)

Internal Connection Drawings

  • 8-Relay Configuration

Both options in the 8-relay configuration have the same electrical grid connections inside. Click here to download the drawing.

  • 12-Relay Configuration

Click here to download the drawing.

Raptor CAN Library

Please contact sales for information about a pre-programmed application library to facilitate easy integration with systems being developed on the MATLAB/Raptor platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: The 2-pin connector is off-center.

    A: If the 2-pin connector seems off-center in the device housing, please contact Please note that the mating connector still makes contact on these pins and will not reduce functionality.

Q: If all eight relays are on, with 12V supplied to their fused inputs and no loads connected to any outputs, they become hot to the touch. Is this normal?

    A: If the coils are energized, they will be hot to the touch, even with no load applied.





The MotoHawk CAN Library was a pre-programmed application library to facilitate easy integration with systems being developed on the MATLAB/MotoHawk platform. It is now obsolete.