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Below is a list of all Raptor-Cal versions and their change logs, beginning with the most recent version.

Release 2023b_1.1.13506


  • CAL-3362: Add new M47 Bootloader Rev
  • CAL-3388: Support RCM80-2304 bootloader v320

Release 2023b_1.0.13438


  • Theme Update!
    • Raptor-Cal now matches the color scheme used by Raptor-Dev Blocks
  • Datalogging Triggers
    • New feature found under Logging Settings within a display (wrench icon in toolbar)
    • Allows for triggers to be set on the active grid to start/stop logging
  • Multi-Display Datalogging
    • Expanded datalogging to allow for multiple active display grids to be simultaneously logged into the same .csv file (max. of 3)
    • Enabled in the main Settings menu (Logging Multiple Display Grids toggle)
  • Command Line Features
    • Certain Raptor-Cal features are now able to be used via a command line shell
    • Transfer Cals (RCAL -> RPG)
      • EX: “transfer file1.rpg file2.rcal output.rpg”
    • Export Calibrations
      • EX: “export file1.rcal file2.rpg output.m (false)”
    • Import Calibrations
      • EX: “import file1.m file2.rpg output.rcal”
      • OR: “import file1.m file2.rcal output.rcal”
    • Extract Calibration
      • EX: “extract_cal file1.rpg output.rcal”
  • Custom Layouts
    • New feature added under 'View' in toolbar
    • Can save and reload orientations of the Signals, DAQ, and Strip Chart views at any time between sessions
    • 'Default Layout' also under 'View' in toolbar will reset the View orientations
  • Display/Calibration Format Override
    • New display feature allowing for the 'Display Decimal Places' attribute of a signal set in the model to be overwritten
    • Saves directly to the display/calibration between sessions
    • Does not overwrite value determined in model
  • Export Calibrations
    • Expanded the 'export to .m file' feature to be more customizable
      • Toggle signal pathing
      • Toggle Software ID for signals
      • Export enumerations with their string values
      • Export values as 'ungained'
  • Import Calibrations
    • New feature that allows for a new calibration to be created from a previously exported .m script and an RPG/RCAL
    • Selecting an RCAL for the Signal Definition will merge the .m script values onto the RCAL


  • CAL-1830: Investigate faulting issues with DAQ lists
  • CAL-1832: Investigate unused features within Transfer Calibrations feature
  • CAL-1833: Add ability to change baud rate within discovery dialogs
  • CAL-1837: Expand Reference Values in header of Data Logs
  • CAL-1840: Issue reading checksum when extracting from module
  • CAL-1842: Add flag to Export .rcal Command Line option that would extract calibrations w/o the calculated Gain value
  • CAL-1844: GCM-111 Byte Order is incorrect when using any calibration feature
  • CAL-1845: Prevent direct memory accessing for VeeCAN Modules
  • CAL-1846: There is an intermittent error where the data fields displayed/recorded for a multibyte array are ordered incorrectly
  • CAL-1847: Remove Lite Mode Feature
  • CAL-1850: Crash on start-up if machine has FIPS compliance check enabled
  • CAL-1851: Refactor UdsReflash Procedures to use globally used CANMessage Class
  • CAL-1859: Raptor-Cal Color Scheme Update
  • CAL-1864: Updating svn:ignore settings
  • CAL-1874: Allow for Multi Active DAQ Datalogging
  • CAL-1875: Show in Explorer for logger crashes
  • CAL-1876: Certain Signal Values not being converted correctly when exporting to an .m file
  • CAL-1882: Add option in the 'Export' feature to export enums as the value or string
  • CAL-1885: Configure the format override to work as intended with Partial Calibrations
  • CAL-1886: Allow for ability to override the Signal Formatting within Displays/Calibrations
  • CAL-1887: Signals moving unexpectedly between DAQ lists
  • CAL-1888: Change new Views to be created on the left side of the screen
  • CAL-1889: Bit Arrays not being converted correctly
  • CAL-1891: Update Customizer to include the new NewEagleAccent global value
  • CAL-1892: Make so the 'Save As' option can be performed at any time
  • CAL-1898: Update Raptor-Cal Help Documentation with Screenshots/Explanations of 2023a 2.0 Features/Color Scheme
  • CAL-1900: Add ability to set the wait-for-response time during discovery
  • CAL-1901: Change About Screens to always get the current year
  • CAL-1907: Connect Online Display dialog shown after display is closed
  • CAL-1908: Change Error Dump feature to only grab files within the Raptor-Cal Error Reports folder
  • CAL-1910: A means of having the tabs return the the default layout oreintation
  • CAL-1912: Issues with the 'Signal Summary' section in the Signals View
  • CAL-1915: Add additional space between rows of the Module Label within the Signals View
  • CAL-1919: Organize Error/Crash Reports in LocalFiles
  • CAL-1921: Add way to Create New Partial Calibration directly from the New... menu in Start Page/Toolbar
  • CAL-1922: Add Copyright Headers to all Source Files within project
  • CAL-1924: Signals View is cleared if Partial-Cal creation screen is open and original calibration is closed
  • CAL-1925: Added RCM-5734R-080-2203-RTOS target
  • CAL-1926: Specifying more information on each thread
  • CAL-1927: Allow for the baud rate to be modified if all open documents are Offline; Allow Find Modules to be used
  • CAL-1928: Resizing Display Window Crashes Raptor-Cal
  • CAL-1931: Calibration window with over 50 calibrations duplicates cals on second tab each time tab is visited
  • CAL-1934: Raptor-Cal reads "Connecting..." endlessly in bottom left hand corner and does not open display
  • CAL-1935: Add cursor change when loading
  • CAL-1938: Refactor Discovered Module Tiles
  • CAL-1940: Ability to easily see calibration transfers
  • CAL-1941: Export Calibration that is not a GCM/ECM\_196 generates incorrect Enum
  • CAL-1942: Expand 'Import Calibrations' to optionally accept an existing RCAL file to merge the import onto
  • CAL-1943: Add 'Include Software ID' option in Export Calibration Menu
  • CAL-1944: Clicking on Raptor associated files while Raptor-Cal is running
  • CAL-1945: Create Import/Export Calibrations Dialog; Expand Import/Export Functionality
  • CAL-1946: Import \(.m\) file to Calibration
  • CAL-1947: Add Import/Export \(.m/.rcal\), and Extract .rcal from .rpg commands to be usable from the command line
  • CAL-1949: Implement a keyboard shortcut for scrolling horizontally in a display
  • CAL-1950: 1D/2D signals make size of the UpgradeFix Signal Box after a Calibration Transfer extremely wide
  • CAL-1951: Cut command does not work with plain text cells
  • CAL-1952: Reopen existing instance of Raptor Cal on shortcut click
  • CAL-1954: rcal -> rpg transfer calibrations fail unit tests.
  • CAL-2183: Update Raptor Cal/XCP for CANFD
  • CAL-2714: Triggered start and stop
  • CAL-3346: Prevent XCP Errors/General exceptions from being shown in the status bar
  • CAL-3347: Handle unknown exceptions in Reflash Dialog when attempting to reflash
  • CAL-3349: Fix progress bar in reflash screen when no module photo is displayed
  • CAL-3352: RIL DataDictionary able to have duplicate key added
  • CAL-3354: RIL Packager causing RPGs to be built corrupted \(no program code\); Raptor-Cal allowing this to be flashed onto a target
  • CAL-3357: Support RCM-080 bootloader v3.0.0
  • CAL-3358: Support GCM111 Licensing Protection
  • CAL-3364: Support RCM80_2304 bootloader v3.1.0

Release 2023a_2.0.13328


  • Added support for new target:
    • RCM-5743R-080-2304
  • Includes updated License Viewer v.12.9
  • Bug/Crash Fixes


Full Issue List

  • 0005014: [Installer] Update New Eagle Licensing to 12.9
  • 0004871: [General] Update EULA/License.rtf
  • 0004848: [Raptor-CAL] Routine Control state is not reset after a session has changed. Force ECU Reset
  • 0004876: [Raptor-CAL] Crash on startup when System.Config elements are unable to be accessed
  • 0004964: [Display] Crash if a signal has Bit Array signal Number Base, and then a check is made to convert Number Bases
  • 0004963: [Display] Crash if '∞/infinity' is value of signal when signal is set to Bit Array and a conversion check is then performed
  • 0004723: [Datalogging] Decimal commas creating incorrect datalog for users in countries with that standard
  • 0004810: [Command Line] 'ArgumentException' occurring when using transfer command on the command line if no file path given
  • 0004749: [Raptor-CAL] Re-configure Existing UI Tests to work individually

Release 2023a_1.0.13187


  • Warning Ranges Feature
    • Indicates when a signal exits a set range
    • Can change background and text color
    • Can enable emission of a system beep
  • Added Keyboard Commands
    • Tab:
      • Ctrl + Left/Right-Arrow: Switch Current Tab
      • Ctrl + T: New Tab
      • Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right Arrow: Reorder Current Tab
    • Display:
      • Ctrl + I: Interpolate
      • Ctrl + M: Heat Map
      • Ctrl + A: Add to Chart
      • Ctrl + N: Increment/Decrement Menu
      • Ctrl + W: Warning Ranges Menu
      • Ctrl + H: Hexadecimal
      • Ctrl + B: Bit Array
      • Ctrl + D: Decimal
    • General
      • F1: Flash
      • F2: Find Modules
      • F3: Compare Calibrations
      • F4: Transfer Calibrations
      • F5: Refresh Signals
      • F6: Show Help
  • Improved performance in larger displays
  • Added Settings, License Viewer, and Help Documentation buttons to Home Page
  • Transfer Calibration to an .RPG using Console-Commands
    • EX: "start Raptor-Cal transfer file1.rpg file2.rcal output.rpg"
  • Upgraded MotoHawk Packager to Version 0.26
    • Includes support for GCM70-1702 and GCM70-1704 modules
  • Bug/Crash Fixes


  • 0004710: [Raptor-CAL] RCM112/RCM80 Recovery Image
  • 0004748: [MotoHawk] Update MH Packager to version 0.26
  • 0004725: [Calibrations] Issue reading checksum when extracting from module
  • 0004534: [Raptor-CAL] Discovery window can be clicked anywhere to open the module
  • 0004498: [Raptor-CAL] Immediate crash if Enable Update Check is on and Raptor-Cal is started
  • 0004477: [Raptor-CAL] Add Key-Binding Shortcuts for Existing Home Page Commands
  • 0004548: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal will not search for .rpgs that are within folders within the set RPG folder
  • 0004539: [Display] Re-enable Interpolate feature to Raptor-Cal displays
  • 0004565: [Raptor-CAL] Add build number to module discovery information
  • 0004615: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal Command Line transfer calibrations feature
  • 0004481: [Display] Add Keyboard Shortcuts to the display
  • 0004567: [Calibrations] Memory Leak when closing a calibration table
  • 0004424: [Display] Signal Ranges feature
  • 0004002: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal crashes when opening a Raptor-Cal Display file with no .rpg file in file system.
  • 0001368: [Raptor-CAL] Keyboard tab commands
  • 0004712: [General] SmartAssembly Error in RILPackager
  • 0004667: [Charting] Strip Chart Plot Popup does not get re-initialized with the correct width/height if the Strip Chart View is re-sized
  • 0004521: [Raptor-CAL] Update Check Screen crashes when selecting "Cancel"
  • 0003223: [General] When Raptor-Cal crashes, sometimes it doesn't close but rather hides in Windows Background Processes so you can't restart it
  • 0004587: [Raptor-CAL] Navigator Window appears glitched when shown
  • 0004671: [Display] If an offline display is opened, and then connected to, new signals dragged in will be in Read-Only mode no matter what
  • 0004597: [Display] Changing Enum Cell Selection by keyboard not saving to target
  • 0004410: [Display] Using the arrow keys, you can enter the row/column headers and scroll without the chart following
  • 0002397: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-cal considers Key board keys as shortcut keys while changing value for an ENUM signal drop-down
  • 0004503: [Raptor-CAL] Dragging large signal group onto grid from Signals View causes memory leak/crash
  • 0004366: [Raptor-CAL] Crash when changing Kvaser Baud rate in the bottom toolbar
  • 0004220: [Display] Toggling the Calibrations button in a Signal View affects all open displays/calibrations
  • 0002757: [ECU Support] GCM196 Recovery improvement
  • 0004582: [Datalogging] Crash while Datalogging in Raptor-Cal
  • 0004602: [Display] Table not resetting due to Raptor-Cal not recognizing target changed the signals value
  • 0004654: [Raptor-CAL] Add Settings, License Viewer, and Show Help buttons to Home Screen
  • 0004491: [Display] Omit saving default elements to a display file
  • 0003267: [Raptor-CAL] Low Priority queues always run at 500ms even if the setting says otherwise
  • 0004528: [Display] Crash if you select the Signal Module Label along with a signal and drag into a display
  • 0004258: [Display] Investigate why large displays take so long to close
  • 0004598: [Display] Double-Click between column headers not sizing correctly for enumerations
  • 0004443: [Display] Add error messages for when signals can't be dropped
  • 0004506: [Calibrations] Separate completion percentage from signal name when extracting a calibration from module

Release 2022b_2.0.13068


  • Partial Calibrations
    • Right-click the module within an open calibration to bring up the option to create a partial calibration
    • To build the Partial-Cal, drag folders/signals from the signals view into the newly created Partial-Cal window
    • Created Partial-Cals can be used with the transfer/compare calibration features
  • Improved converting to/from Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Bit Array in a display
  • Improved selection in a display alongside 'Right-click' features
  • Bug/Crash fixes


  • 0003149: [General] After switching from DAQ tab back to Signals tab, search text is greyed out and you can't search
  • 0004405: [Datalogging] Strip Chart 'Replay Log' feature currently unusable
  • 0004426: [Display] Include cell elements in a Display (Upgrade) transfer
  • 0004370: [Display] Out of range (min/max) value can be entered in non-scalar signals
  • 0004314: [Display] 'Object reference not found' when opening calibration signal while module is re-connecting
  • 0004384: [ECU Support] Allow reflashing a module when multiple are on the bus if they have the same software ID
  • 0004388: [Performance] Huge performance hit while moving a 'View' to docked location
  • 0004387: [Charting] You can currently add 20+ signals to the chart by using the 'Right-click -> Add to chart' method
  • 0004397: [Display] Change logic of NumberBase features
  • 0004369: [Display] Conversion of string saving border values crashing in some non-US languages
  • 0004413: [Display] 1D/2D X/Y Columns/Rows do not support converting to Hexadecimal/Bitarray NumberBases
  • 0004436: [Display] You cannot drag in folders within folders when moving adding from the Signals View to the display
  • 0004414: [Display] Converting a signal with a negative value to Hexadecimal gives incorrect result
  • 0004398: [Display] Change logic of Right-Click options in a display
  • 0004430: [Raptor-CAL] Odd re-sizing when Folder is selected in Signals View
  • 0004368: [Raptor-CAL] With a large amount of recent displays, or resizing the window, Recent Displays menu gets cutoff
  • 0004365: [Raptor-CAL] Elements in Transfer/Compare calibration and the Start Page (Home) can be hidden in small windows
  • 0004417: [Raptor-CAL] Prevent re-sizing on Find Module/Flash dialogs
  • 0004374: [Raptor-CAL] Crash when moving errored signal in DAQ lists with looped hardware setup
  • 0004364: [Raptor-CAL] Disable 'Select' button while flashing a module
  • 0004433: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal can be resized and moved out of screen, re-opens in same spot where you cant grab
  • 0001324: [Raptor-CAL] Partial calibration functionality
  • 0003693: [Display] Variable highlight doesn't always clear if folder containing it is collapsed
  • 0004389: [Charting] Strip chart showing multiple scales at once
  • 0003147: [Charting] Chart behaves strangely when removing variables and then adding others
  • 0003499: [Charting] Chart repeats colors when adding new signals
  • 0004381: [Charting] Displayed values on chart scales are incorrect
  • 0003500: [Charting] Chart defaulting back to auto-scale on, all white colors, and min/max gets reset too
  • 0004358: [Calibrations] Calibration Compare report does not match Compare Calibration screen

Release 2022b_1.0.13007


  • Visual indication between read/write and read-only signals (new signals placed on a display will be light grey if read-only)
  • Display Customization Features:
    • Can now change the cell color, signal background color, and text color
    • Can now add custom borders
    • Can now convert scalar signal values to a Bit Array
  • 'Double-Clicking' between column headers within a display expands the column to view all hidden text
  • All 'Right-click' display features now work across the entire grid selection ('Left-click' and drag to create a selection)
  • Improved Help Documentation:
    • In Toolbar, 'Help' -> 'Show Help' now opens documentation in user's browser
    • Help buttons included within Raptor-Cal's documented features that link to specific documentation
  • Bug/Crash fixes


Bug Fixes

  • 0004234: [ECU Support] Enable ability to reflash ECM_5634M_070_061_1403_DEV modules
  • 0004248: [Display] Customer Reports a Crash when opening specific display on the RCM80
  • 0004243: [Display] Crash when connecting to a display when already opened as offline (.rpgs for module and .rdis do not match)
  • 0004330: [Raptor-CAL] Displays will sometimes open in a state where DAQ refresh is 10x less the speed as it should be
  • 0004339: [Raptor-CAL] Clean Up Code Base
  • 0004027: [Display] Using the copy paste commands, you are able to input signals from different .rpgs into displays
  • 0004029: [Display] Incrementing a group of signals causes Raptor-Cal to crash
  • 0004030: [Display] Enabling Heat Map on a group of variables with a blank cell included causes crash
  • 0004031: [Display] Increment feature is not registered as "savable" change
  • 0004035: [Charting] 'Add to Chart' appears after right-clicking on all signals, even if they are not compatible with the chart
  • 0004037: [Display] Implement ability to add multiple signals to the chart at once
  • 0004045: [Display] Add ability to edit the background color of cells, and background of text in a display
  • 0004048: [Display] Add ability to edit the color of signal text in a display
  • 0004067: [Display] Enable color features on 1-D/2-D tables and Matrices
  • 0004092: [Display] Add ability to create a border around a selection
  • 0004112: [Raptor-CAL] Feature request: set numbers to bit arrays
  • 0004255: [Display] Cell Manipulation Issues
  • 0004169: [Display] When a module is re-connecting, there is no intuitive way to cancel the connection process
  • 0004223: [Charting] An odd checkered color can be set to a signal, which is not compatible with the chart feature
  • 0004225: [Display] Vectors don't gray out all cells
  • 0004109: [Raptor-CAL] Flashing a module with a online display open, and then opening online display causes crash
  • 0004049: [Raptor-CAL] Save the colors associated with cell into the .rdis file
  • 0004253: [General] Investigate updating To SmartAssembly Version 8.0
  • 0004228: [Raptor-CAL] Add increment keyboard values to the Signal Increment window dialog
  • 0004197: [Display] 'Double-Clicking' in between column headers expands to the max length of text within that column
  • 0004072: [Documentation] Improve Raptor-Cal help documentation
  • 0004312: [Calibrations] Creating a new calibration from Motohawk module sometimes fails and does not notify user
  • 0004259: [Raptor-CAL] Create shortcuts within Raptor-Cal's features that point directly to pages of documentation
  • 0004099: [Display] Crash occurring when module loses connection while connecting
  • 0004106: [Performance] Spamming "Disconnect All" causes major performance issues in an offline or online display
  • 0004103: [Display] Raptor-Cal randomly freezes when manipulating DAQ queries
  • 0004208: [Charting] Text within strip chart header is hard to read
  • 0004195: [Display] Screen moves column headers when typing in wide displays
  • 0004194: [Display] Dragging signals onto a display sometimes drops twice
  • 0004224: [Charting] Adding signals to the chart when you are 'Replaying' a previous log causes issues
  • 0004219: [Charting] If Replaying a Datalog within the Strip Chart, "Viewing Saved Log" remains after the replay has been stopped
  • 0004231: [Charting] Replaying and then Stopping the replay of a log initiated from the toolbar within the strip chart causes crash
  • 0004245: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal freezes after flashing a module with a RP1210 adapter, then trying to connect using Kvaser in same session
  • 0004246: [Raptor-CAL] Error msg being displayed in bottom left-hand corner now that I have previously connected to a RP1210 device
  • 0004275: [Raptor-CAL] Remove unnecessary error info when running both Raptor-Cal and Raptor-Service
  • 0004229: [Display] Add ability to change text color/signal label color in a display
  • 0004305: [Raptor-CAL] "Unknown UNKNOWN" module sometimes appears in Flash dialogue when connected to GCM-1793-196-1503
  • 0002456: [Display] Crash if trying to drag a signal onto the chart when the wrong online display is in the foreground
  • 0003529: [Raptor-CAL] Crash if you unplug your Kvaser and plug it back in (this issue was fixed before but is back again)
  • 0004097: [Raptor-CAL] Unchecking "Show Chart" or "Show DAQ" before viewing that tab crashes Raptor-Cal
  • 0004230: [Calibrations] Null characters can be added to the .m file while using .rcal to .m feature
  • 0004241: [Raptor-CAL] Keyboard shortcuts can be mapped to the same key
  • 0004303: [Raptor-CAL] Ability to change the CAN bus channel
  • 0004237: [Raptor-CAL] "Channels" is blank within the CAN Settings menu when RP1210 is enabled
  • 0002398: [Display] Feature Request: Save active tab as part of the RDIS
  • 0004056: [Display] Add ability to copy/paste cell elements (colors/text alignment)
  • 0004051: [Display] Copy/paste feature functions incorrectly
  • 0004052: [Display] Color of cells does not get copied over when move/undo
  • 0002188: [Raptor-CAL] VeeCAN Flash Error - create pop up for user to use USB
  • 0004105: [Datalogging] Crash when starting datalog when module is offline
  • 0004213: [Display] Larger margins between text and edge of cell
  • 0004073: [Display] Allow signals to be dropped on one another to work similarly as copy/paste
  • 0004066: [Calibrations] Disable invalid commands in calibrations
  • 0004068: [Raptor-CAL] Disable Cancel Button During Reflash
  • 0004178: [Display] Issues related to 'Display Font Size' in settings
  • 0004093: [Display] Table borders do not travel with a signal drag-and-drop
  • 0004200: [Display] Columns can be dragged to small sizes, making them hard to identify/resize
  • 0004172: [Raptor-CAL] Update Images for RCM112 and RCM80
  • 0004100: [Raptor-CAL] Visual glitch when attempting to create new online display if the module is not found
  • 0003258: [General] Add warning when user tries to enter a value outside the min/max that the A2L allows
  • 0004107: [Raptor-CAL] Crash when removing a signal from the chart after disconnecting a display
  • 0004102: [Display] You are able to "Set Text Alignment" even if there is no text in the cell
  • 0004096: [Display] Implement a "paste to many" cells feature for cell color
  • 0004081: [Raptor-CAL] Re-design right-click menu for displays and calibrations
  • 0003986: [Raptor-CAL] Set home view as current window after creation
  • 0004098: [ECU Support] Make the recover checkbox a button
  • 0004083: [Display] Text entries are not registered until the display is re-opened
  • 0004034: [Charting] Attempting to "Edit Ranges/Colors" with no signals added to the chart gives inaccurate error message
  • 0004059: [Display] Disable Heat Map option for non-table signals
  • 0004085: [Display] Hex Number should set be set to the same value on all cells in a group
  • 0004080: [Display] Raptor-Cal will attempt to convert string values to hexadecimal resulting in a crash
  • 0004057: [Display] Colors do not come back with undo when deleted from a display
  • 0004047: [Display] Add color picker menu for cells by category
  • 0004058: [Display] Text alignment does not move with a signal in a display
  • 0002272: [Display] Way to visually indicate between read/write and read-only signals
  • 0004023: [Raptor-CAL] Crash when finding module when connected to an online display.

Release 2022a_2.0.12825

  • 0003986: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal crashes when viewing an offline display and exiting a home view
  • 0004024: [Raptor-CAL] Opening online display with an .rpg that is already in an online display causes crash
  • 0001571: [Raptor-CAL] Periodic Update Check
  • 0004010: [Licensing] Raptor Cal checks the wrong license year
  • 0004026: [ECU Support] USB Update for VeeCAN 320s needs to be updated
  • 0003716: [Raptor-CAL] Misspelling in settings menu
  • 0003106: [Raptor-CAL] Let user know they need to enable virtual CAN if not already enabled
  • 0004022: [Raptor-CAL] If Enable Virtual CAN is saved in settings, it will not stay virtual on bootup
  • 0001639: [Display] Raptor-Cal support for large vectors
  • 0003560: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal shows error/crash when "Restoring Defaults" in File>>Settings
  • 0004009: [Raptor-CAL] Set the current baud rate to what was found using the "Find All" feature under "Find Modules"
  • 0002489: [Calibrations] Ability to add comments to rcal
  • 0003420: [General] Scan City IDs lower limit has ceiling of 4
  • 0001711: [General] In Find Modules, don't show ECU Address for modules for which don't have one or isn't relevant
  • 0003438: [General] M-File export doesn't work

Release 2021a_1.0.12726

  • 0003605: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor Cal not working with latest Kvaser Drivers
  • 0003471: [Raptor-CAL] About Raptor-Cal banner is out of date.
  • 0003522: [ECU Support] Add Support for XCP table revision 4
  • 0003240: [General] Intermittent GCM48 flash failures
  • 0003583: [Raptor-CAL] When Raptor-Cal is opened always “maximize” to full screen
  • 0003648: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor Cal doesn't send XCP disconnect message to module when closing rdis.
  • 0003583: When Raptor-Cal is opened always “maximize” to full screen
  • 0003667: [ECU Support] Add Feature to save the last used module in the Recovery View Model
  • 0003561: [ECU Support] Add support for the GCM-5605B-048-2104
  • 0003596: [ECU Support] Add Support for UAS-5743R-047-2102
  • 0003542: [ECU Support] Add Support for RCM-5746R-080-2005/RCM-5746R-080-2106

Release 2020b_1.1

  • Patch Release to fix RP1210 Crash error when also using PCAN Device
  • 0003519: Raptor-Service VeeCAN Update Does Not Work
  • 0002967: Flashing fails with a "system out of memory" error
  • 0003496: Unable to create or open offline calibration on GCM70 RPGs

Release 2020b_1.0

  • 0002276: [Raptor-CAL] Unable to flash gcm 196
  • 0003227: [Raptor-CAL] Rapto-CAL crashes when you click out of renaming tab
  • 0003333: [Raptor-CAL] Corrupted user.config causes tool not to load
  • 0003368: [General] Raptor-Cal should ignore unknown modules
  • 0003396: [Raptor-CAL] GCM 196 - Unable to connect after reflash if rpg isn't in C:\ECU\RPG
  • 0003457: [Calibrations] Can't operate on some rpgs

Release 2020a_1.0

  • 003178: [Charting] Crash if you drag a signal onto the chart after disconnecting the Kvaser
  • 003201: [Charting] Raptor-Cal freezing while trying to edit the chart
  • 003228: [Charting] Once you remove one signal from the chart, the "Remove" buttons is greyed out and you cant remove any other signals
  • 003340: [Charting] RaptorCal freezes if you resize the chart on this particular rdis
  • 003271: [Display] Can’t permanently remove these two signals from the Chart. Didn’t used to crash, but now today with a new RPG it does crash when
  • 003320: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal on an infinite loop inside the OnRilSignalsUpdated() function
  • 003125: [Charting] Save min or max and color with Chart signal properties
  • 002722: [Charting] When auto-scaling is turned off in the chart, it won't stay off
  • 003331: [Display] XCP Items can remain in DAQ Lists after being removed from the display
  • 003148: [Charting] Chart only displays first 10 characters of each variables name
  • 003317: [ECU Support] Support the DISP-VC700-2003
  • 002132: [General] BCM48 CAN1 Reprogramming Baud Rate Options
  • 003170: [Raptor-CAL] Recovery for C48 needs changed to UAS48
  • 003289: [Calibrations] RIL Packager for GCM48 needs to use descriptor.exe for GCM48.
  • 003166: [General] Can't enter a hex number starting with "B" into a calibration
  • 002732: [Datalogging] Logged data takes computer number - causes problems with CSV format
  • 002121: [Raptor-CAL] BCM48 Recovery Instructions
  • 003187: [Calibrations] RPG to RPG transfer using the set value to change a cal doesn't work
  • 003294: [Raptor-CAL] Disconnecting.. scrolling status bar shown after closing offline cal
  • 003293: [Calibrations] New Calibration Online still goes ahead even if you select Cancel after selecting module
  • 003287: [Charting] Charting signal list view improvements
  • 003256: [Calibrations] Unable to set calibration due to corrupted display
  • 003280: [Calibrations] Add more detail into the transfer or compare report
  • 003260: [Calibrations] Show more detail in the compare calibration about the differences.
  • 003262: [Charting] Add to parameters to chart from grid
  • 002815: [Calibrations] Can't paste a table into a cal in the calibration transfer window
  • 003270: [MotoHawk] RIL Packager can't create Motohawk packagers
  • 003261: [Charting] Autoscale option not obvious, operation is odd
  • 003264: [General] Application build produces RPG hex w missing or incorrect defaults
  • 003259: [General] RILPackager export hex
  • 003212: [Calibrations] GCM48 Failure during transfer calibrations

Release 2019b_2.0

  • 0003142: In offline rdis, if you try to connect to a module, it wont connect but thinks its connected and crashes when you try to reconnect
  • 0003128: [ECU Support] If you try to flash a GCM196 while another GCM196 is connected to the bus, the error message is not descriptive
  • 0003141: [Display] Low Priority DAQ is filling up with variables that aren't in my display and eventually the whole DAQ stops working
  • 0002829: [Raptor-CAL] Numerous issues doing normal calibration tasks for ECM112 MotoHawk module
  • 0002832: [Raptor-CAL] Numerous out of memory exceptions
  • 0002830: [Raptor-CAL] KnockFilter not Transferring correctly
  • 0003140: [General] max-semaphore-count crash if power cycling module with online rdis and offline cal open
  • 0003117: [Calibrations] Extract-cal-from-rpg feature extracting values from other open rdis's or rcals instead of the RPG
  • 0002965: [Charting] Chart doesn’t work after reconnecting Kvaser
  • 0002955: [Charting] When paused, chart data disappears while you're trying to review it
  • 0003134: [Charting] With two displays open to two ECUs, strip plot should update when switching between.
  • 0003132: [Charting] Opening two displays, both with Strip plot, closing one closes plot for both
  • 0003085: [Raptor-CAL] "Calibrations" switch does not work correctly
  • 0002431: [Charting] After extracting a cal from an online module, the chart disappears from your online display
  • 0003041: [Display] Raptor Cal doesn't send the right sequence to stop a DAQ list from transmitting when it is empty
  • 0003058: [Raptor-CAL] Tool does not perform well when RPG files are stored in folders other than C:\ECU\RPG
  • 0003129: [Calibrations] Display not updated when changing NxN table items other than [0,0]
  • 0003146: [Calibrations] When you change a cal, no matter the value, it says "0.00" when you hit enter, until you close and reopen the cal window
  • 0003118: [Raptor-CAL] Compare-Cals not detecting CalIdTxt difference
  • 0003114: [Raptor-CAL] Add version attribute or similar to MotoHawk RPG and enforce compatibility
  • 0003130: [General] When closing 1 of 2 online rdis's, RaptorCal sends the stop-DAQ XCP command to both modules, then doesn't send stop-DAQ again
  • 0002563: [Raptor-CAL] If CAN 2 channel is defined, ECU disconnects from RCal when R-display is updated
  • 0002981: [Display] Latest RaptorCal crashes when trying to open two online displays connected to two different modules
  • 0003021: [Raptor-CAL] Remove USB Zip files from RilExtended Project
  • 0003066: [Display] This RDIS crashes RaptorCal every time I try to open it
  • 0003122: [Raptor-CAL] Added support for GCM48
  • 0003013: [Raptor-CAL] Update packager to allow specifying inhale/exhale parameters to persist across a programming cycle
  • 0002959: [Display] Quick connect checked causes Raptor-Service to crash
  • 0003027: [General] This RDIS crashes RaptorCal every time when this RPG is flashed on the module
  • 0002994: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal crash while starting programming of GCM48 running RPG not present
  • 0003012: [Raptor-CAL] Update packager to allow specifying reprogramming compatibility constraints
  • 0002972: [Raptor-CAL] While working offline the StatusBar generates errors that result in a significant number of err files related to CurrentBusLoad
  • 0002997: [Datalogging] Variables on the Chart aren't included in rlog files

Release 2019b 1.0

  • 0002166: [Raptor-CAL] After having RaptorCal open for a while, flashing fails with a "system out of memory" error
  • 0002925: [Raptor-CAL] Offline changes to DAQ can corrupt RDIS
  • 0002879: [Calibrations] Cal Compare - FaultManager variable has differences (added faults) but shows same in compare
  • 0002691: [Calibrations] Transfer Calibrations do not work in Lite Mode
  • 0002878: [MotoHawk] Issue with MotoHawk FaultManager - Fault Actions Shifting
  • 0002887: [Calibrations] Transfer/Merge Calibration of Enumerated table doesn't update correctly using Row/Column headers
  • 0002957: [Calibrations] Transfer Cal, Set Value, Cancel shows 'Manually Set'
  • 0002958: [Calibrations] Transfer Cals shows Alert for new signal, won't let value be set, or save RPG
  • 0002550: [Display] RDIS corrupted so that RaptorCal crashes every time I switch to the corrupted tab
  • 0002898: [Display] Tool crashing when tab within display 'Method not implmented' exception.
  • 0002863: [General] Difficulty connecting to GCM196 w/Raptor-Cal
  • 0002478: [Raptor-CAL] Mouse Hover for Help Text is to short in duration
  • 0002551: [Display] Chart default colors don't make sense
  • 0002872: [Raptor-CAL] VeeCAN 500 - VeeCAN Update tool doesn't work to flash to USB
  • 0002191: [Display] Some variables remain in the DAQ list after being deleted from the display tab
  • 0002418: [Datalogging] RaptorCal locks DAQ rate of variable on one tab, and won’t change it when switching to another tab
  • 0002897: [Display] Cannot open display saved in newer Raptor-Cal, no message to user
  • 0002884: [Raptor-CAL] Tool crash on closing - Unauthorized Access Exception access to path CALNAME.rcal.back is denied - read only folder from SVN
  • 0002899: [Licensing] Issue creating permissioned file using RIL Packager
  • 0002869: [Raptor-CAL] VeeCAN 500 icon missing
  • 0002796: [General] RIL Packager cannot set XCP and Programming permission flags when making new RPG from existing RPG.
  • 0002915: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal and Raptor-Service if other open already, nondescript crash report provided
  • 0002165: [Raptor-CAL] When right-clicking to change DAQ rates, sometimes all DAQ options are greyed out
  • 0002432: [Datalogging] When removing a variable from the chart, it’s removed from the DAQ list even if that same signal is still on the spreadsheet
  • 0002690: [Datalogging] CSV file does not display the initial value of a displayed signal
  • 0002929: [Raptor-CAL] Unable to move signals between DAQ lists
  • 0002702: [General] RaptorCal release candidate shows the wrong value when dragging a new calibration onto an rdis
  • 0002727: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-CAL DAQ list graphical weirdness

Release 2019a 2.0

  • 0002831: [Raptor-CAL] PTOVehSpdHiThr and AxleRatio not comparing correctly
  • 0002856: [Raptor-CAL] App crash on select ECU for Reflash
  • 0002834: [Display] User submitted crash - IndexOutOfRange during paste
  • 0002833: [Display] Null reference exception when adding signal to manual query list
  • 0002823: [Raptor-CAL] Restore defaults button causes the id list to grow
  • 0002820: [Calibrations] Can't transfer this rcal over to this rpg
  • 0002827: [Raptor-CAL] Convert rcal to .m doesn't work
  • 0002825: [Raptor-CAL] Code tweaks to help with memory consumption
  • 0002759: [Raptor-CAL] Refactor RaptorModules to make it easier to add new targets
  • 0002648: [Display] Raptor-Cal toolbar needs a refresh button
  • 0002773: [Calibrations] In compare calibrations, 'View Value' in 'File A Only' crashes R-Cal
  • 0002785: [General] UnauthorizedAccessException when saving a display
  • 0002786: [General] InvalidConnectionException when getting signals by name
  • 0002768: [Display] Add a button to Raptor-Cal to resync the connection
  • 0002788: [Display] Allow grid columns to resize to 0
  • 0002792: [Display] Read Only enums are displayed as read/write
  • 0002713: [Raptor-CAL] RaptorCAL crashes / disconnects from GCM80 w/ MPDM
  • 0002796: [General] RIL Packager cannot set XCP and Programming permission flags when making new RPG from existing RPG.
  • 0002789: [Display] Adjustment parameter not showing correct Set value
  • 0002704: [Display] Raptor-Cal cannot open display file

Release 2019a 1.0

  • 0002697: [ECU Support] Add support for C48 target
  • 002561: [ECU Support] Add VeeCAN128 to Raptor-Cal
  • 002679: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal Transfer-Cals does not complete for ECM112 rpg
  • 002618: [Display] Raptor-Cal sometimes crashes when disconnecting from a display without saving
  • 002385: [Display] Min and Max are not being enforced
  • 002269: [Raptor-CAL] Quick connect fails when attempting to connect to two ECUs with same base firmware
  • 002602: [Display] Online displays do not show read only enums properly
  • 002462: [Raptor-CAL] Cannot upgrade the display of a VeeCAN
  • 002665: [Display] Logging buttons to not work from charting tool
  • 001865: [General] Raptor-Cal indicates saturation during Transfer Cal procedure due to very small precision differences
  • 002531: [Display] Can't open a VeeCAN-based RPG for offline display
  • 002528: [Raptor-CAL] Raptor-Cal crashes when you are using hex numbers and you put an x as an entry to a cell
  • 002672: [Raptor-CAL] Add version info to main window title bar
  • 002604: [Calibrations] Cannot transfer calibrations for GCM70-1459
  • 002567: [Calibrations] Cannot view freeze frame data nor fault manager in compare cals screen
  • 001709: [General] Do not send out address claiming messages during Find Modules function
  • 002608: [Calibrations] Open Offline Calibration displays obscure error message if RPG isn't in default path
  • 002680: [Display] Throwing of InvalidConnectionException causing Raptor-Cal to crash
  • 002009: [Display] Chart auto-scaling feature
  • 002498: [MotoHawk] The exponent for MotoHawk vardecs is ignored by Raptor-CAL and the MIL
  • 002330: [Raptor-CAL] Chart context menu flickers

Release 2018b 3.0.11983

Release Date: 2018-04-04


Include New Eagle Licensing V12.6


Bug Fixes:

  • 0002596: NullReferenceException when connecting to module in lite mode
  • 0002595: Null Reference Exception when creating offline package
  • 0002594: ECM112 calibration in Raptor-Cal loses precision for calibration that has header
  • 0002593: Signals upgraded for shape not correctly flagged
  • 0002590: CRC checks failing on some targets
  • 0002565 - Fault manager enums are not shown in Cal compare screen
  • 0002570 - Matrix Calibrations populated with Target data not Source data
  • 0002568 - Data read from ECU is sometimes displayed incorrectly.
  • 0002567 - Cannot view freeze frame data nor fault manager in compare cals screen
  • 0002544 - Cannot adjust values on a VeeCAN320
  • 0002329 - The last option in context menu of chart says "Show Cursor Values"
  • 0002352 - Incorrect increment a drop down list for an enumeration causing it to crash
  • 0002547 - Motohawk fault manager cannot be calibrated online
  • 0002499 - Raptor-Cal does not correctly handle class of bitfield (relevant for MotoHawk OBD fault manager)
  • 0001524 - Support for N/A variables
  • 0002136 - Transfer Calibrations - Set Value: Grids with multiple rows and columns change position and size on window resize
  • 0002537 - Add MotoHawk exponent to Signal Summary and add tests to validate calculations
  • 0002548 - Uninstaller (of previous version) not finishing during install of Raptor-Cal
  • 0002328 - Raptor-cal crashes on deleting and adding back a signal in chart
  • 0002332 - Offline display upgrade feature strips all chart signals from the display
  • 0002498 - The exponent for MotoHawk vardecs is ignored by Raptor-CAL and the MIL
  • 0002330 - Chart context menu flickers

Release 2018b 2.0.118543

Release Date: 2018-02-08


Support for new target GCM-5607B-80-1901 (GCM80)


Bug Fixes:

  • 0002401 Raptor-Cal crashes on startup if default folders are not accessible
  • 0002457 Units different on cal dialog vs Signal Summary


  • 0002267 Add new GCM-5607B-80-1901 target

Release 2018b 1.0.11803

Release Date: 2018-12-18


Include New Eagle Licensing V12.5


Bug Fixes:

  • 0002377 Drag-drop does not always function correctly
  • 0002248 Double clicking on a calibration in the same A2L function does not open that calibration
  • 0002344 Update GCM/ECM196 reflash code to use UDS Functional Address for Comms Control during reprogram
  • 0002341 Raptor-Cal crash on closing tabbed display
  • 0002302 Crash when right clicking on a cell
  • 0002337 The transfer upgrade process is not completing on a GCM196
  • 0002338 when displaying a table with its index on the display, the first element in the index reads an incorrect value
  • 0002274 XCP Issue with raptor cal
  • 0002152 Get-Calibration-From-Module feature injects erroneous values in some of the cal tables
  • 0002298 Cannot edit a blank TEXT signal
  • 0002084 50kbps (not 500kbps) is an option in one baud menu but not another
  • 0001843 RPG Packager reporting error running out of temp folder
  • 0002235 Redo-ing the deletion of a grid tab crashes Raptor-Cal
  • 0001313 Have option on .rdis to hide calibrations
  • 0001752 In Transfer-Cals summary, for valid transfers, indicate # same vs. # different
  • 0002053 Resize RDIS grid do not support Undo/Redo
  • 0002267 Add new GCM-5607B-80-1804 target
  • 0002266 Recovery messages continue on the CAN bus after dialog closes (BCM48, Parker) - this can interfere with programming
  • 0002246 When auto display is created after flashing most values are blank
  • 0002239 Crash when closing calibration


  • 0002056 Allow Raptor Packager to use a .rpg file

Release 2018a 2.0.16000

Release Date: 2018-09-14


Include New Eagle Licensing V12.4


Bug Fixes:

  • 0002213 Transfer cals is not working for these two rpgs
  • 0002225 uint16 cannot be modified in RaptorCAL.
  • 0002111 Raptor-Cal display folder tree scroll to end on width stretching
  • 0002017 Rename grid do not support undo/redo
  • 0002174 More consistent response from signal tree when double clicking on calibrations
  • 0001737 More consistent response from signal tree when double clicking on calibrations
  • 0002158 Extremely slow Fault Action Cal's access
  • 0002099 Transfer Calibrations: Data Saturation at target min/max when equal to limit
  • 0002206 Fatal error on creating a new display and undo
  • 0002071 Calibrations are displayed in offline display and can be edited, but not saved
  • 0001520 Cell Values are not highlighted when working in tables and map windows when online
  • 0002148 Adjustments in Manual Queues are not updated on reconnect.
  • 0001322 If open online or upgrade .rdis with missing variables, these variables disappear completely from grid
  • 0002124 License Viewer should close when closing Raptor-Cal
  • 0001723 Raptor-Cal .rdis shows dirty marker when calibration changed from display
  • 0002152 Get-Calibration-From-Module feature injects erroneous values in some of the cal tables
  • 0002153 RaptorCal crashes when trying to compare display RPGs
  • 0002163 rcal variables with non-zero cal values are showing up as all zeros in the offline cal editor
  • 0002151 Crash after reflash with quick-connect
  • 0002198 Disconnecting Kvaser from USB causing Raptor-Cal to crash


  • 0001879 Method to use offline data to populate online calibration displays
  • 0001772 Transfer Calibrations: Make column sizing changes affect the three views
  • 0001458 Auto-Save Current RCAL
  • 0001741 Add "Properties" window at bottom of Signals tab
  • 0000975 Module discovery across multiple baud rates
  • 0000658 Auto-save current display

Release 2018a 1.0.11391

Release Date: 2018-06-21


Include New Eagle Licensing V12.2


Bug Fixes:

  • 0002119 Display opens incorrectly when Windows culture set to es-ES
  • 0002110 Large UINT32 numbers do not get converted to hex correctly.
  • 0002089 calibrations not working on arrays or 2d tables
  • 0002087 BCM48 programming large application fails second time
  • 0001310 Improve Connect / Disconnect functionality
  • 0002068 Sometimes click/drag combination does not register
  • 0001834 Cannot reconnect to module w/ display open after flashing new build.
  • 0002015 Sparse logging not writing correctly.
  • 0001961 Canceling Display Save Window Closes Display
  • 0002008 Incorrect display values for chart range
  • 0002064 .RDIS closing raptor cal
  • 0002042 Raptor-Cal showing dropped CAN frames even when DAQ list not full
  • 0001960 Cannot adjust DAQ rates when working with offline display
  • 0001749 Incorrect icon for 1D or 2D interpolation table with storage set as flash
  • 0002044 Please review default DAQ list
  • 0002043 If High-Priority or Low-Priority query full, please continue to update all signals in that list, but just at a slower rate
  • 0001987 Creates PlotTemplates directory in wrong location
  • 0002040 Compare Calibrations dialog says "Transfer Calibrations"
  • 0002048 Data store elements with Row/Column header seem to have index problem when seetting value
  • 0002039 Raptor-Cal crashes when saving display
  • 0002041 Please do not allow overloading of DAQ list
  • 0002047 Faster/Slower button might cause confusion if DAQ list is full.
  • 0002046 Please don't allow the user to overload the DAQ list


  • 0002045 Raptor-Cal display and calibration screens must be made more compact
  • 0000852 freezing the row/column headers so that you can adjust cell size wherever you are in a display
  • 0001504 Resize RDIS grid
  • 0002070 Add functionality to allow two instances of the same display file to be open
  • 0000586 add option to hid row and column headers on grid

Release 2017b 0.0.2

Release Date: 2018-04-04


Bug Fixes:

  • 0002026 Cannot enable data logging if only DAQs are filled
  • 0000198 data logging should prompt user when switching tabs
  • 0001965 : When reading an item from controller fails, retry before giving up
  • 0001994 Lookup table highlighting not functioning properly
  • 0001773 Cannot save file when grid name is changed.
  • 0002019 Delete a value in cell do not make window dirty
  • 0001774 Text Justification Does Not Save
  • 0001941 Display & ECU Are incrementally found in Raptor CAL
  • 0000937 Raptor-Cal crashes when it doesn't receive an XCP response


  • 0001320 Need to improve behavior of pressing Enter from Set Value in Transfer Cals
  • 0002006 Duplicate grid number on delete and add grid


  • 0002016 Add new grid do not support undo/redo
  • 0000620 "Package Found/Not Found" icon in discovery dialog
  • 0001747 Cannot undo the deletion of a display grid tab
  • 0002018 Delete a value in cell do not support undo/redo
  • 0001312 If source .rcal or .rpg from non-default location in Transfer/Compare Cals function, go back to that folder for the target file
  • 0001311 If .rcal or .rdis opened from non-default location, have Raptor-Cal also look in that location for the corresponding .rpg


  • 0001326 Implement standard look/feel across Raptor-Cal
  • 0001950 Multiple instance of Raptor-Cal can be opened

Release 2017b 0.0.1 SP4

Release Date: 2018-01-15


Bug Fixes

  • 0001939 Crashing when zooming a display
  • 0001944 Intermittent Connection to VeeCAN 800 display
  • 0001726 Raptor-Cal transfers data during shape change even though it says "No Transfer Occurred"
  • 0001954 Raptor-Service crashes when opening a display

Release 2017b 0.0.1 SP3

Release Date: 2017-12-06


Bug Fixes

  • 0001929 Signals disappearing from DAQ list
  • 0001931 Text cells are blank after open
  • 0001923 Multiple signals get dragged on display after a search
  • 0001919 Error when trying New > Calibration (from .rpg) with MotoHawk module
  • 0001938 Unable to see any Raptor adjustment blocks in offline display
  • 0001937 Crashes when editing a vector, matrix or table in the Transfer Calibrations screen


  • 0001916 The Find Modules display window is too narrow, and you can see the full software version text.

Release 2017b 0.0.1 SP2

Release Date: 2017-11-28


Bug Fixes

  • 0001917 Cannot Change Fault Calibration
  • 0001923 Multiple signals get dragged on display after a search
  • 0001919 Error when trying New > Calibration (from .rpg) with MotoHawk module

Release 2017b 0.0.1 SP1

Release Date: 2017-11-22


Update New Eagle Licensing to v12.1

Release 2017b 0.0.1

Release Date: 2017-11-17


  • Lite Mode: Use Raptor-Cal without a license. Work with RPG files created with the Lite version of Raptor-Dev.
  • Strip Chart: Using this new function, you're able to drag and drop signals onto the charting surface and plot up to 20 consecutive signals.
  • Better Kvaser Support: Now there is no need to restart Raptor-Cal if you Kvaser cable becomes unplugged. True Plug and Play support.

New Modules


Bug Fixes

  • 0001905 Raptor CAL won't load from recent display
  • 0001902 Raptor-Cal crashes on startup with no messaging.
  • 0001314 Would be nice to have ability to multi-select multiple values to drag in using CTRL and/or Shift)
  • 0001887 Editing cell in Hex Number display enter 0xB2
  • 0001851 Raptor-Cal hangs when Kvaser drivers not installed
  • 0001888 Raptor-Cal crashes when closing Compare Calibration view value window
  • 0001878 Calibration displays slow to open
  • 0001849 SECM70 Compatibility between DEV and PROD
  • 0001847 Cannot transfer calibrations made with difference version of the RPG Builder for MotoHawk (SECM-70)



  • 0000206 add strip plot viewer for viewing log data
  • 0001738 Add an "X" button to clear a search
  • 0001721 Don't require a restart of Raptor-Cal when Kvaser USB-CAN unplugged and then plugged back in
  • 0001911 Implement 'Lite' mode


2017-10-20: Release 2017a 0.0.1 SP6


Bug Fixes

  • 0001880 Display not saving DAQ lists correctly.
  • 0001877 Changing a single value in a calibration table is slow to Update

2017-09-06: Release 2017a 0.0.1 SP5


Updated NewEagle RPG Builder for MotoHawk installer to version 21.


  • 0001750 DAQ suggestions
  • 0000752 Bottom status bar suggestions
  • 0001823 Variable Help Text only pops up if you mouse over whitespace in the cell
  • 0001838 Windows Firewall blocking application

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001796 RP1210 adapter status "Not Available"
  • 0001811 Enum signal shows blank and cannot be changed
  • 0001803 Raptor-Cal crashes when trying to open a display
  • 0001791 All SECM-70 modules are identified the same - Need to be distinct
  • 0001798 Raptor RPG builder not assigning target correctly
  • 0001837 CM0711 target showing up as unknown in some functions
  • 0001842 Disconnecting frrom display (frrom signal tree) causes crash

2017-07-17: Release 2017a 0.0.1 SP4


Individual features and bug fixes for 2017a 0.0.1 SP4 are listed in the below sections

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001792 Cannot discover module when connect with boot harness

2017-07-14: Release 2017a 0.0.1 SP3


Updated NewEagle RPG Builder for MotoHawk installer to version 20.


Individual features and bug fixes for 2017a 0.0.1 SP3 are listed in the below sections


  • 0001783 Some icons missing frrom menus


  • 0001785 Data logger doesn't support matrices
  • 0001784 Data logger doesn't support arrays
  • 0001788 Raptor-Cal crashes when trying to transfer cals
  • 0001393 Raptor-Cal Splash Logo
  • 0000204 UI branding
  • 0000205 (Raptor-Service) installer branding

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001782 Justification icons disappear
  • 0001766 Signal tree should only show parameters available at the current connected access level or lower
  • 0001765 Custom security - Support automatically supporting lesser level based on license permission level
  • 0001778 Cannot merge RPG files
  • 0001781 Grey box displayed on menu items

2017-06-21: Release 2017a 0.0.1 SP2


  • Updated NewEagle RPG Builder for MotoHawk installer to version 18.


Individual features and bug fixes for 2017a 0.0.1 SP2 are listed in the below section

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001771 Precision not working on displays.

2017-06-15: Release 2017a 0.0.1 SP1

Major Enhancements

  • Add option to install NewEagle RPG Builder for MotoHawk when installing Raptor-Cal.
  • Add optional settings to create log files with custom naming.


Individual features and bug fixes for 2017a 0.0.1 SP1 are listed in the below sections


  • 0001746 Naming log files
  • 0000798 Create desktop shortcut icon automatically when Raptor-Cal is installed


  • 0001724 Column width default in Raptor-Cal calibration grouping should take into account enumerations
  • 0001751 If index array doesn't have units, don't show empty parentheses next to index array name
  • 0001753 Have header for log file
  • 0001727 Transfer-Cal scalar enumerations looked squished

Bug Fixes

  • 0001556 Zoom fails in certain scenarios
  • 0001703 Deleting a grid frrom a display does not cause the workspace to be flagged as dirty
  • 0001745 Signals names do not appear in offline display
  • 0001730 Show Signals menu item check mark
  • 0001760 Cannot find VeeCAN displays with Find Modules function

2017-05-31: Release 2017a 0.0.1

Major Enhancements

  • Shortcut keys to increment / decrement values on the Signal Grid.
    • Right click on any signal to setup the increment values.
    • Shortcut keys can be customized in Settings.
  • Copy/Paste values between Signal Grids and in and out of Raptor-Cal.
  • Much improved undo/redo functionality.
  • MotoHawk recovery programming.
  • Improvements when searching the Signals Tree.
  • Grid zoom is now persisted.
  • Option added to data logging that will log data in sparse format.
  • Raptor-Cal can now scan multiple XCP addresses.
    • Additional addresses can be configured in Settings.
  • Index arrays are now shown for tables and maps. No need to open another window to view.


  • Improved responsiveness when searching for signals in the Signals Tree.
  • Improvements when large sets of calibration data.


Individual features and bug fixes for 2017a 0.0.1 are listed in the below sections


  • 0001588 MotoHawk Recovery Programming
  • 0000742 datalogging resolution
  • 0000655 Support for multiple XCP broadcast addresses
  • 0001587 Ability to cancel programming
  • 0001661 Show index array values on interpolation tables and maps
  • 0001327 Copy/cut-paste on .rdis
  • 0000968 Keyboard shortcuts to increment/decrement cell values


  • 0001363 Incorrect(?) icons in a Raptor-Cal display
  • 0001230 Improve signal search speed
  • 0001325 Undo/redo functionality needs some work
  • 0000366 add a batching mechanism to undo service
  • 0001334 Improve Cell Clicking for Better Usability
  • 0001185 Give higher priority to slower query lists
  • 0001308 Grey out Save and Save All buttons when nothing to save
  • 0001666 Long delay opening Fault Manager
  • 0000567 need to support single-cell updates for writing to vector, matrix, table, etc.

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001718 Cannot create Raptor Package frrom Motohawk build files
  • 0001720 Module Discovery fails, unable to connect to module
  • 0001620 Screen relocation doesn't stay
  • 0001715 Application hangs/crashes when setting a value in Transfer Calibration screen
  • 0001714 Application crashes when trying to move a signal above Fast query
  • 0001526 Problem opening existing RDIS
  • 0001705 Opening a display offline causes grid tabs to be duplicated
  • 0001712 Unable to program Raptor RPG with XCP Security set to 'None'
  • 0001622 Lose DAQ list ordering
  • 0001621 Auto Queries DAQ items don't update
  • 0001343 Dirty marker doesn't always show after DAQ or Query list is changed in .rdis, and then CTRL-S doesn't take
  • 0001672 Making adjustments sometimes shows the error ‘Failed to write: adjustment’ and the parameter won't change.
  • 0001669 Recent Displays list only updates on opening the app
  • 0001442 Error during installation
  • 0001512 When extracting a .rcal frrom an online module, save dialog box doesn't automatically append CalIDTxt to suggested name
  • 0001623 Updating application loses setup
  • 0001318 Dirty marker doesn't always show after something is dragged in .rdis, and then CTRL-S doesn't take
  • 0001316 Dirty marker should also show next to name in signal tree
  • 0001606 Slower button not working
  • 0001518 Freeze on copy paste.

2016-12-16: Release 2016b 0.0.1


A number of performance improvements have been put into place, in particular when opening a display, switching between tabs, and polling CAN bus statistics

RP1210 and other CAN Improvements

RP1210 compliant CAN adapters are now supported in the tool via licensing. Contact New Eagle Support for more details.

CAN baud rate may now be switched via context menu by right clicking the CAN status indicator at the bottom of the app.

Display Enhancements

Raptor-Displays may now zoom in and out with the mouse wheel (ctrl+mouse-wheel), overflowing display tabs may now be scrolled with arrow icons, or with the mouse wheel.


Individual features and bug fixes for 2016b 0.0.1 are listed in the below sections


  • 0000959 RP1210
  • 0000974 Support for multiple baud rates without closing the tool
  • 0001564 More module details available through module discovery dialog
  • 0001560 Adding CAN Settings option to CAN Status indicator
  • 0001533 CAN Status context menu to switch Baud Rate
  • 0001541 Tab Scrolling
  • 0001542 Zoom Control
  • 0001530 ECM/GCM 24 Support


  • 0001323 When double click on large calibration grouping in a .rcal, the window is as tall as the screen
  • 0001331 All signals in the signal tree should be in alphabetical order
  • 0001532 Better RPG Resolution when opening files

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001302 Resolved issue where Quick Connect not correct for Open => Display (online)
  • 0001359 Resolved issue where CM711 recovery doesn't alway work
  • 0001013 Fixed incorrect drop preview on signal grid
  • 0001565 Resolved issue where certain DragDrop actions on grid cause COM Exception
  • 0001538 Resolved issue where empty cal value caused application crash
  • 0001531 Resolved issue where switching baud rates while bus is overloaded crashed application
  • 0001519 Fixed broken link to table indicies
  • 0001528 Resolved issue where closing a Display frrom the context menu leaves Table Windows open
  • 0001553 Resolved issue in Calibration Compare report where signals frrom File A and B were swapped

2016-09-23: Release 2016a 0.0.2


  • 0001413 Double Click cals frrom Signal tree and open cal window
  • 0001371 Custom Security Implementation
  • 0001337 Updated DataLink interface to allow switching baud rate without restarting Raptor-Cal
  • 0001035 Display zoom in/out

Supported Modules:

  • 0001453 Support for CM0711R
  • 0001451 Support for S12x modules
  • 0000311 Add functionality for assisting in recovery of Parker modules


  • 0001465 RAM Editables (but not overrides) need to show up in calibrations
  • 0001464 Make Module Discovery "J1939 ID" consistent w/ Raptor Target Def
  • 0001455 Raptor-Cal needs to handle rpg with no header
  • 0001454 Large datasets don't fully show in FixValueDialog
  • 0001449 Enum selector squished in Cal Editor
  • 0001427 Scalar calibration editor used to leave cells in ambiguous state when switching between rows
  • 0001426 Prevent SignalGrid frrom changing SelectedCells when doing drag-and-drop
  • 0001425 Calibrating non-scalars offline did not show full double precision when editing cell
  • 0001420 Resolve Package by Header on Discovery
  • 0001335 In Calibration Group, Cells Remain Blue After Clicking
  • 0001307 Consistent alert for missing RPG File
  • 0001306 Adjusted how Raptor-Cal finds corresponding .rpg file
  • 0001304 Popup after successful flash
  • 0000904 Ad indicator of what cell or range of cells is/are currently selected

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001491 MotoHawk CalIdTxt gets padded w/ non-printable characters sometimes
  • 0001490 Crash while opening online cal after opening online display
  • 0001460 Can't extract a .rcal frrom .rpg
  • 0001450 Inconsistent values calibrating enumerations
  • 0001431 Cannot open a *.rdis display created for prior build of a VEECAN model
  • 0001429 Values 'jump' while calibrating 2D big endian MotoHawk targets
  • 0001428 Problem Transfer Cals for enumerated values
  • 0001423 Compare cals causes random crashing
  • 0001419 SignalType ENUMARR not being handled properly
  • 0001414 First search frrom a fresh install appended grey text in search window (search...)
  • 0001412 MotoHawk RPG package was causing intermittent crashing
  • 0001373 Calibrating ECM/GCM-196 fails silently
  • 0001372 Resolved missing Context menu frrom Signal Tree viewer
  • 0001354 Saving RPG after transfer upgrade doesn't work or casues crash
  • 0001065 Resolved issue where Raptor-Cal crashes after awaking computer frrom sleep state
  • 0001028 data inconsistent when editing index values used by multiple tables
  • 0000794 Resolved issue where corrupted AvalonDock window save data causes the application to crash

2016-07-18: Release 2016a 0.0.1


Those looking to use this product as a service tool now have the option of preventing users frrom editing premade Raptor-Displays, as well as limiting what the user sees in the signal tree when connected online.

Data Visualization

2-D Data displayed on the grid now has the option available to apply a 5-Color heatmap to the individual cell backgrounds.


Copy-Paste on Raptor-Displays and between MSExcel, the ability to export a calibration file to a Matlab M-File, and better indication of file persistance are just a few of many small improvements that have been made to Raptor-Cal


Individual features and bug fixes for this 2016a 0.0.1 are listed in the below sections

Other Features:

  • 0001384 Heat Map for 2-d Display data
  • 0001378 Copy-Paste on Raptor Displays
  • 0001365 Export Calibration to M-File
  • 0001249 Show J1939 ECU address in "Find Modules" feature
  • 0001315 Don't allow closing of Raptor-Cal with unsaved .rcal or .rdis
  • 0001364 Indicate saving (.rcal)/(.rpg) in progress when completing Transfer-Cal
  • 0001241 "Merlin" Quick connect info button
  • 0001330 Interpolation was previously unimplemented in calibration editor
  • 0001408 DAQ Capacity Indicator on DAQ Schedule Tool Panel

Raptor Service:

Bug Fixes:

  • 0001293 DAQ Overflow will no longer cause crash, also max number of signals per DAQ is printed next to the DAQ period
  • 0000720 ERR_SEQUENCE when editing table will no longer cause crash
  • 0000900 Reboot frrom Application Monitor will no longer causes crash
  • 0001250 Rebooting an application frrom display (after it has been paused by app monitor) will no longer cause crash
  • 0001031 having a comma in an enumeration string was causing raptor-cal to stop working with that calibration signal
  • 0001266 RDIS signals were intermittently loaded into AutoQuery instead of preferred DAQs
  • 0001391 Win10 Installations would cut off menu bar icons


  • 0001370 MotoHawk Calibration
  • 0000646 MotoHawk modules need offline support
  • 0001375 Compute and display MotoHawk query sizes
  • 0000939 Offline Displays for MotoHawk Modules

MotoHawk Bugs:

  • 0001396 MotoHawk (.rcal) was including non-calibration signals
  • 0001383 MotoHawk Packager was sometimes decrypting garbge at beginning of file
  • 0001382 MotoHawk calibrations at end of DataBlob get truncated
  • 0000671 Motohawk query values were shown as zero bytes
  • 0000729 Users were previously unable to open motohawk interpolation tables

2016-03-18: Release 2015b 0.0.2


This build of Raptor-Cal adds on the previous 2015b major release with considerations that simplify the most commonly used workflows. User feedback and rigourous testing have been carefuly taken into account to improve on tool stability and user suitability.

New Modules

GCM196, ECM196, and BCM48 modules are fully supported for calibration and reflash over CAN

Calibration Workflows

The 'Compare Calibrations' function has been completely overhauled to quickly and efficiently allow a user to compare calibration values and save a report for reference when working between software builds and calibration versions.

The 'Transfer Calibrations' workflow has also continued to see improvement in the way of stability and functionality. Values may now be manually set in the workspace before finalizing a calibration transfer.


Displays and Calibrations provide reliable data consistancy between their backing file, or online module. The workspace will also keep track of save status and ask the user to confirm any unsaved changes befoire saving.

Many functions are now accesible via context menu by right-clicking either the signal tree background, or RDIS/RCAL header


Individual features and bug fixes for this 2015b 0.0.2 are listed in the below sections

New | Display (Online):

  • Signal Tree now shows proper (.rdis) name
  • DAQ Lists are now managed on a per-tab basis
  • Insert Tab function added to displays
  • Fixed bug where tabs being renamed with empty strings caused crashes

New | Display (Offline):

  • Fixed bug where closing save dialog without specifying a file name displayed error window
  • Offline display shows -- placeholder for values

New | Display (Upgrade):

  • Removed wizard dialog
  • Display upgrade happens automatically - removed reconciliation workflows

Open | Display (Online):

  • Opening display online for the wrong module will do auto-upgrade now

Open | Display (Offline):

  • Signal Tree now shows proper (.rdis) name
  • Offline display shows -- placeholder for values

Item Precision Management:

  • For double precision values, item will be displayed with the specified format, but may now be edited to the full presicion of the datatype

Calibration Window Updates:

  • Calibration Editor windows have ctrl-s save listener connected
  • Signal editor grid is no longer shown when calibrating offline
  • Calibration editor windows now have the same Update source as the signal editor grid

Workflow Optimization - New Calibration frrom Module:

  • No longer need to be online with a module already in order to initiate workflow
  • The only applicable save file format is now (.rcal)
  • Fixed issue where Detected modules window would occasionally 'lose' modules on the bus

Workflow Optimization - New Calibration frrom (.rpg):

  • Extra dialog is no longer required to extract frrom (.rpg)
  • Calibration automatically opens offline after extract
  • Default name for (.rcal) is now the target calibration id text

Workflow Optimization - Open Calibration Offline:

  • Fixed issue where signals would not immediately show up in tree when file is loaded
  • Suppressed behaviour where the same file could be open more than once

Workflow Optimization - Transfer Calibrations:

  • Added ability to change the value of calibrations that were not successfully transferred
  • Added ability to change the value of new calibrations
  • Cancel Edit notifications are more consistent when inspecting signal values

Workflow Optimization - Compare Calibrations:

  • Compare Calibrations workflow has been completely overhauled to look more like the Transfer Calibrations workflow

BCM48 UDS Reflash over CAN:

  • Reprogramming of them BCM48 which was previously only possible over ethernet may now be done over CAN via UDS protocol

Licensing v9 Update:

  • Raptor-Cal will now install NewEagle Licensing V0.0.9 with full support for Node Locked Licensing


  • 0001219 Dirty marker (filename marked with, '*') on (.rdis) and (.rcal) files
  • 0001220 'Save All' function added
  • 0001221 'Save' and 'Save As' added to Signal Tree context menu


  • 0001220 'Close All' function added
  • 0001221 'Close' added to Signal Tree context menu


  • 0001224 Changed programming status bar appearance
  • No longer auto-connect by default after successful reprogramming

Find Modules:


  • 0001225 Added ability to go online with an offline display
  • 0001221 'Connect' added to the Signal Tree context menu


  • 0001220 'Disconnect All' function added
  • 0001221 'Disconnect' added to the Signal Tree context menu


  • 0001222 Calibration Windows stay on top of parent window
  • 0001226 Resolved issue where online non-scalars could not be edited directly
  • 0001227 GCM\ECM196 Calibration Support
  • 0001228 BCM48 Calibration Support
  • 0001229 Resolved all cases where Raptor-Cal could not resolve a (.rpg) not located in default directory* Text boxes in cells are scrolled to the leftmost position when selected to edit
  • 'Recent Displays' removed frrom module discovery dialogs
  • Upgrading a display now takes the filename of the previous display rather than the target SwIDTxt
  • Resolved multiple issues in attempting to save an online (.rdis) for a module that has either been disconnected or is reconnecting
  • SignalsTreeView allows lookup signals to populate in their default location as well as underneath the signals that they are axis for
  • Disabling over-eager clear-selection on cells to re-enable interpolation, justification, and hexadecimal display

2015-05-11: Release 2015b_0.0.1


This version features significant stability and performance improvements, improvements to calibrations workflows (transfer calibrations in particular) and numerous UI improvements

XCP connection and reconnect times have been greatly reduced.

Redefining Calibration: In previous versionf of Raptor-Cal a calibration signal was simply defined as any writable value. This definition has been tightened to only include values marked as Adjustment that are stored in either Non-Volatile (EEPROM) or Constant (Flash) space. One benefit of this is that override status signals will no longer show up in a calibration.

Improved Transfer-Calibrations Workflow: Transfer-Upgrade and Merge workflows have been combined to allow signal values to be pushed to and frrom either a (.rcal) or (.rpg). Overall this workflow has significant improvements to make it more stable, provide more fine-grained control over what is being done, and provide more detailed cues about how values are being moved.

Calibration Editor: The signal tree has been improved to include special handling of calibration signals. When any signal with a green wrench may be double-clicked to launch a specialized calibration editor window. A red wrench indicated a signal that may be edited offline.

New Features

  • 0001111 Generate Transfer-Upgrade Report
  • 0000954 More structured calibration window format (group opens with double-click, etc.)
  • 0001112 Support for GCM196 (GCM_1793_196_1503 - XCP Connection, Recovery, Reprogramming)
  • 0001110 Support for ECM196 (ECM_1793_196_1503 - XCP Connection, Recovery, Reprogramming)
  • 0001104 UDS Recovery
  • 0001105 Ability to set row and column count in displays frrom settings
  • 0001085 Improved MotoTronInterfaceLibrary specifically designed for Raptor-Cal
  • 0000966 Added CALIDTxt (in addition to SWIDTxt) to connection screen
  • 0000797 Raptor Packager UI included in Raptor-Cal (Previously only MotoHawk packager was included)
  • 0000993 Added Signal Units in signal tree
  • 0000965 In process - eliminate upgrade display requirement (Is now more streamlined)
  • 0001054 Streamlined Display upgrade process
  • 0001076 Implemented checkbox for auto-open calibration offline after extracting frrom rpg
  • 0001092 Transfer cal sort alphabetically ascending
  • 0000957 Improved transfer-cals workflow
  • 0000913 Create full calibration after Transfer Upgrade

Resolved Issues

  • 0001109 RCAL with signals not present in RPG caused transfer calibration crash
  • 0001106 Column Width not being explicitly set caused display to skip serializing columns when saving an (.rdis)
  • 0001088 Fault Data Definitions did not hold data when saved
  • 0001078 Calibration Editor did not disconnect and commit cell when it loses focus
  • 0001077 Transfer-Upgrade did not create RPG with memory segments
  • 0001075 Transfer-Upgrade target still contained "old" definition of a calibration
  • 0001074 Openning RCAL with non-calibration signals (the kind that may have previously been extracted) resulted in crash
  • 0001057 Skipping calibrations during transfer upgrade can produce bad rcal
  • 0001055 Closing transfer upgrade window did not restore start screen
  • 0001045 Extracting online calibration on a CM3626 could result in a blank .rcal
  • 0001033 MinWidth/Height of 0 on Signal Grid could result in 'losing' rows and columns
  • 0001016 Extracting calibration online and offline produced different signals in a calibration
  • 0000915 Transfer upgrade had graphical glitch, forcing calibration removal

2015-08-12: Release 2015a_0.0.2


  • 0000981 Resolved case where signal grid disposes itself too eagerly
  • 0000397 Support added for VEECAN using Kvaser Simulated drivers
  • 0000912 Added datalogging hyperlink queues
  • 0000901 Enchanced Offline Display Workflows for non-calibratible modules
  • 0000526 RaptorCal now handles the case where there is a build mismatch between a package and the s/w running on a module
  • 0000972 Enabled 'RaptorCal' license product
  • 0000811 More detailed license error reporting
  • 0000799 Confusing license warning messages less confusing
  • 0000836 Upgraded displays fixed to have the right SwIdTxt
  • 0000944 "Fix Values" Dialog Box in Transfer Upgrade no longer has crooked text
  • 0000741 With Quick Connect, don't ask what module to disconnect frrom
  • 0000925 Added refresh button on ConnectXCP Dialog View
  • 0000806 .rdis files targeting VeeCANs may now be Updated
  • 0000751 Updated BCM48 image
  • 0000903 Implemented Folder drag n drop
  • 0000898 Resolved Reflash on Raptor-Cal 2015a 0.0.2 RC1 does not work
  • 0000896 Added reflash support for ECM-1793-196-1503
  • 0000894 Fixed RIL crash opening older packages
  • 0000893 Removed External project reference in Application Helper exception recorder
  • 0000940 Simultaneously open both RCAL and RDIS files while calibrating offline
  • 0000927 Extracting online calibrations will no longer catch the state of an override in a calibration
  • 0000948 Tables 1d and 2d with AXIS stored in Flash no longer cause Raptor-Cal to crash if editing value is attempted
  • 0000921 Transfer upgrade no working between different target modules
  • 0000895 Fixed transfer upgrade signals missing
  • 0000870 Fixed Transfer-Upgrade crash when signal goes frrom adjustment to measurement

2015-05-25: Release 2015a.0.0.1


This version features significant stability and performance improvements, improvements to calibrations workflows (offline calibrations in particular) and numerous UI improvements.


  • 0000866 Changing CAN Baud rate causes the application to crash
  • 0000865 Opening offline display with no RPG shows cryptic error
  • 0000832 Extracting an online CAL with a signal to the grid creates a duplicate value in the RCAL
  • 0000863 Reduce default cell margins
  • 0000179 Signal Detail Pane
  • 0000838 Refreshing signals when doing offline calibration causes crash
  • 0000841 Explicitly allow partial calibrations
  • 0000856 Drag-n-drop on SignalsContainer takes wrong item
  • 0000858 Units cells overflow to the left
  • 0000859 Closing offline display dos not remove container frrom signal tree
  • 0000843 Reading an .rcal with duplicate signals causes the application to crash
  • 0000842 Show home page when all other documents are closed
  • 0000748 extract calibration should not try to place the values on the page
  • 0000711 Make UI consistent between Transfer Upgrade aed Transfer Merge
  • 0000837 Signal Container needs to only show signals contained in rcal when doing offline calibrations
  • 0000835 Drag-n-drop between DAQScheduleViewModel causes crash
  • 0000831 Invalid veeCAN package causes application to crash
  • 0000830 Remove references to RIL.UsbDriveInfo
  • 0000784 DAQ gets hung
  • 0000824 Wire in old cal workflows for patch release
  • 0000801 About picture says merlin and shows a merlin picture
  • 0000783 Merlin reference when no Kvaser connected
  • 0000793 Default Datalogging Output Path
  • 0000782 Melrin Reference in License Check
  • 0000864 Remove unit text frrom the grid
  • 0000833 Various drag-n-drop actions in the DAQ lists cause the application to hang
  • 0000825 First 2015a release will also accept 2014b licenses

2015-03-16: Release 2014b.0.1.10

  • 0000780: Ability to recover Motohawk modules in hardboot
  • 0000779: Connection and reflash are broken

2015-03-16: Release 2014b.0.1.9

  • 0000772: Add shortcut to Motohawk Packager frrom Merlin UI
  • 0000770: Moving items between daqs throws an exception
  • 0000640: Merlin display signals to display values as Hex or Decimal
  • 0000769: Indicate signal direction in signal select
  • 0000737: A, B, C, D for column headers
  • 0000761: Corrupted RecentFiles.xml causes the application to crash
  • 0000760: Setting value on disconnected XCP module causes the application to crash
  • 0000719: RDIS files don't use the default RDIS directory
  • 0000676: Long status messages are unreadble
  • 0000673: Ctrl*s to save current display
  • 0000646: MotoHawk modules need offline support
  • 0000645: Notify UI of lost MIL Connection
  • 0000687: SignalGridViewModel._signalsOnGrid need to be handled by name and not object reference
  • 0000628: name tabs better when editing a can offline
  • 0000654: upload online cal should be done in a dialog
  • 0000694: create a "fast" query list
  • 0000575: add ability to rearrange signals on grid w/ drag and drop
  • 0000585: visually distinguish labels frrom data
  • 0000663: CAN monitor should distinguish between error frames and loaded CAN bus
  • 0000668: CAN traffic monitors stop working after Kvaser USB is removed and then restored
  • 0000660: adding second CAN channel requires Merlin restart before it is accessable
  • 0000649: table signals should have as many sub signals as possible collected under them in the signal tree
  • 0000695: deleting one instance of a signal frrom the grid removes the signal frrom RDIS
  • 0000672: save calibration tool bar button's tool tip says "Save Calibration Command"
  • 0000680: Display signal 'Help Text' (LongIdentifier in A2L) as the tooltip shown when mouse over a signal in a display.
  • 0000583: application monitor signals not correct

2015-01-26: Release 2014b.0.1.8

  • Added limited support for MotoHawk module connectivity (no cal workflows, only a selection of modules)
  • Improved Merlin's handling of very heavy CAN busses:
    • Notifications when there is enough CAN traffic that communications with the module might not be reliable
    • Notifications when DAQ packets are being dropped
  • Added basic data logging:
    • Record and stop buttons in tool bar
    • Records all scalar-sized signals to a CSV file
  • Added support for node-locked licenses
  • Added cell-justification formatting options
  • Display files preserve cell-justification and DAQ schedule
  • Improvements to DAQ scheduling:
    • Drag-and-drop signals between the DAQs and Queries
    • Signals that don't fit on a DAQ are cascaded down to slower DAQs
    • Signals are put on the slowest DAQ by default (instead of the fastest)
  • Various UI improvements and bug fixes

2014-12-19: Release 2014b.0.1.7

  • Window layout is preserved bewteen sessions
  • Added ability to perform interpolation to modify calibration values
  • Signal tree shows signals sorted by name
  • Display and Calibration files can be opened in Merlin by opening them in Windows Explorer
  • Displays in list of most recent displays on start page can be removed
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • UI improvements

2014-12-17: Release 2014b.0.1.6

  • Added merge and transfer-upgrade calibrations workflows
  • Added upgrade displays workflow
  • Display files now preserve row and column sizing
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements

2014-11-20: Release 2014b.0.1.5

  • Fixed some bugs in table display
  • Merlin now supports signals-only packages for VeeCAN targets (generated when building just for the VeeCAN simulator)
  • Improvements to the display grid:
    • The selected cell is now highlighted
    • Data entry is easier
    • Arrow key navigation works better
  • Models with non-standard DAQ configurations are better supported
  • Offline calibration extraction frrom RPG files feature added

2014-11-04: Release 2014b.0.1.3

  • Fixed crash when dragging external files onto Merlin grid
  • Cleaned up UI when dragging large signal groups onto grid
  • Fixed crash when refreshing signals when editing an offline calibration
  • Adding new signals into an offline calibration shows the values frrom the RPG
  • Only calibratable signals appear in the signals pane when editing an offline calibration

2014-10-31: Release 2014b.0.1.1

  • Offline calibration editing is supported
  • Fixed some issues with offline display editing
  • Fixed issues with having the same signal on the grid more than once
  • Updated the UI to have improved/consistent icons in the menus and toolbar
  • Merlin handles power-cycling modules while connected
  • Merlin is be able to reflash modules that are not accessible via XCP
  • Removed CHM-based help and replaced with a browser-based help (content still under work)
  • Improved handling of invalid RPG files

2014-10-28: Release 2014b.0.0.14

  • Fixed issue with reading large tables (> 255 bytes)
  • Fixed issue with table indexing
  • Added support for XCP access levels