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Raptor™ J1939 Library

The Raptor J1939 Library offers an easy approach to add J1939 support to any existing or new Raptor project. It abstracts all of the complex network management and transmission requirements of the J1939 protocol allowing fast development of a J1939 compatible application. The J1939 Library seamlessly interfaces with the OBD Fault Manager blocks to provide a large number of J1939 Diagnostic Messages. All of the functions required to create an OBD-HD compliant application are included in the Raptor J1939 Library.

Blockset Library

Raptor-Dev J1939 DM Messages

Raptor-Dev J1939 DM Messages

Raptor-Dev J1939 Direct Memory Access

Raptor-Dev J1939 Direct Memory Access

Raptor:J1939 Expanded Freeze Frame

Raptor-Dev J1939 Expanded Freeze Frame

Raptor:J1939 PGN Tx

Raptor-Dev J1939 PGN Tx

Raptor:J1939 SPN

Raptor-Dev J1939 SPN

Raptor:J1939 Transport Protocol

Raptor-Dev J1939 Transport Protocol