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Raptor Display Help

Example Prebuilt Projects

The collection of files below are Example Raptor Display Builds.

These files are aimed to assist in testing or troubleshooting your VeeCAN displays.

Current models supported:

  • VeeCAN 700
  • VeeCAN 500
  • VeeCAN 320
  • VeeCAN 320 Lite
  • VeeCAN 300R
  • VeeCAN 800
  • VeeCAN 128

Download the example projects: PrebuiltRVC.zip

  • See the readme.txt for installation information included in the PrebuiltRVC.zip

Raptor Platform

Raptor Display Examples

VeeCAN 500/700 Display Examples

Note: The VeeCAN 500 and 700 are developed using the same connectors, screen resolution and overall physical design. The 700 is the larger of the two displays with its 7-inch display, whereas the 500 has a 5-inch display. The projects above can be programmed onto either device.

VeeCAN 320 Display Examples

VeeCAN 800 Display Examples

VeeCAN 300R Display Examples

Raptor Simulators

Installation Instructions

    • Select a simulator to use from below (i.e. The Dancing Bear Simulator)
    • Select the correct Kvaser drivers for your operating system
  2. Installation
    • Extract the Simulator zip file anywhere (My Documents, Desktop, etc.)
    • Run the driver installer downloaded from the Kvaser website (link below)

*Kvaser drivers required.

Download Kvaser Drivers.

Dancing Bear Simulator

Download the Dancing Bear Simulator.

Custom Advanced Simulator

Download the Custom Advanced Simulator.

Electric Vehicle Simulator

New Eagle's Electric Vehicle HMI can be used as an off-the-shelf EV dash display or the template for your custom HMI to suit any system.

Try this display on your own PC. Download the EV Desktop Simulator.