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New Eagle is a distributor for the electric motors designed and manufactured by Remy Inc. These motors represent a proven technology from a Tier 1 supplier and leader in the electric motor market. New Eagle desires to work with the customer to select a specific motor from Remy's diverse motor offerings that aligns with the vehicle level requirements of the application. In addition, New Eagle has integrated electric drivetrains from Remy, UQM, Siemens, Parker and LS. New Eagle has experience integrating gearboxes and transmissions from a variety of suppliers. Custom interfaces can be developed through New Eagle to match unique customer motor and gearing requirements and components.

HVH Platform

If you are looking for a full hybrid or EV powertrain solution, Remy’s High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) technology leads the market today. Operating as an electric traction drive, a generator or both, the HVH maximizes fuel efficiency and offers class-leading torque and power density. Available in several sizes, each with different performance levels, the HVH can be configured to integrate into your housing or be supplied as a bolt-on to your application. The key to Remy's HVH performance is Remy’s winding technology. HVH’s ability to maximize cooling vs performance in oil or glycol systems is unmatched.

New Eagle is proud to offer both the HVH 250 and 410 series motors in a variety of different sizes, winding configurations and housing options. Please contact New Eagle's experienced EV/HEV team to pick a motor that best fits your needs.

Check out the Remy White Paper for more technical insights on the HVH platform.

Note: All of the HVH motors are capable of operating from 200-700V. The operating voltage directly corresponds with the capable output power as shown in the graphs below. All of the motors are permanent magnet AC and require a properly configured and parameterized inverter to run. The motor may be limited by the traction inverter's phase current limits, which especially impact the performance of the low-end torque of the Remy D, dual path motors.

HVH250 Series

Remy’s HVH250 Series is a scalable motor with options for stack length, cooling and conductor configurations. They are available in housings, cartridges or as stator/rotor assemblies. One to two Remy HVH250 motors can power a broad array of light- to medium-duty applications such as motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial trucks and transit buses, in addition to special equipment and power generation applications. With billions of kilometers of proven reliability, Remy’s HVH motors are supported by the largest independent electric motor test facility in North America.

HVH Configurations


Remy's HVH rotor windings are available in two possible configurations: series and parallel. Series windings, in general, offer more low-end torque and less top-end power. Parallel windings in general offer less low-end torque and more top-end power. The winding configuration is designated in the motor reference number as the first character following the stack length. (S, series and D, dual/parallel)

Cooling Method

Remy's motors come in two possible motor housing configurations, water- (glycol) and oil-cooled. Currently, only the 250-90 is available in the water-cooled version. The cooling method is designated in the motor reference number as the second character following the stack length. (W, water/glycol and O, oil)

Rotor Stack Length

Remy's motors come in varying rotor stack lengths represented by the actual length in millimeters. The stack length is designated as the second number in the motor reference number.

Rotor Diameter

Remy's motors come in two diameters, 450 and 250, represented by the actual rotor diameter in millimeters. The rotor diameter is designated as the first number in the motor reference number.

Please contact sales for availability and more information.

Performance Curves

Here are some performance curves of the Remy motors in a few different configurations. Remy has a wide variety of offerings that can be selected by New Eagle’s engineering team to fit your vehicle performance requirements. The motors come in different combinations of stack length, cooling method, housing type and winding configuration.

All of the performance curves show calculated data. Please contact New Eagle for measured data and efficiency curves if needed. Take special note of the voltage level for each performance curve.

250-90 SOM (Series Oil-Cooled)

250-115 DOM (Parallel Oil-Cooled)

HVH410 Series

Remy’s HVH410 Series is made of scalable motors with options for stack length, cooling and conductor configurations. They are available in housings or as stator/rotor assemblies. The new HVH410 is a powerful, rugged electric motor designed to drive heavy-duty and off-road vehicles, in addition to special equipment and power generation applications. The HVH410 is compact; it provides the power of motors many times its size and weight. With billions of kilometers of proven reliability, Remy’s HVH motors are durable, power dense and efficient.

410-75 DOM (Parallel Oil-Cooled)

410-150 DOM

Compatible Inverters for Remy

New Eagle can help recommend and integrate an inverter capable of driving the Remy family of PM motors. Our experience with inverters includes Rinehart Motion, Sevcon and John Deere.

Mating Components

Remy HVH 250 Series


Remy White Paper

Application Manual


Datasheets are not available for all of the possible Remy motor configurations. However, New Eagle can provide detailed data for all of the motors upon request.

















Please contact sales for availability and more information.

CAD Files and Drawings

To send the proprietary Remy Motor CAD files, we need a signed NDA. You can download the NDA here: New Eagle NDA. Please send the NDA via email to with the CAD file request.


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