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This product comes in two versions: a Raptor version and an SDK version. You are viewing the standard SDK version. Click here to see the Raptor version.

VeeCAN 800

The VeeCAN 800 is a 7" fully waterproof resistive touchscreen display. It features a WVGA 800 x 480 TFT LCD color display and two USB ports (one rear and one front accessible). The VeeCAN 800 also supports 14 analog inputs, four digital inputs, eight outputs, two CAN connections, as well as an Ethernet connection.

With its superior I/O and durable design, the VeeCAN 800 is a great addition to any application where components have to withstand harsh conditions.

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Platform Benefits

  • 7" Resistive touchscreen color display
  • WVGA Graphical high resolution 800 x 480 color TFT LCD
  • Fully waterproof
  • Superior I/O capabilities


The VeeCAN 800 will be offered as a base unit with a general engine instrumentation option and as a Raptor easy-to-program display. An SDK in C is also available for custom programming.

Extra Information

The VeeCAN 800 also has the I/O hardware to be converted to a data logger similar to the VeeCAN 320 device.

Mounting Information

The thread on the displays is M4 x 0.7 threads; it is recommended to use plastic studs and thumbnuts. Metal screws can be used, but the length of the screw must be taken into consideration with the thickness of the panel so the screw does not drill into the housing of the display. Over-torquing screws can penetrate into the display causing internal damage.


Programming Guide

Sample Screen