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Electric Vehicle Supervisor HMI


The Electric Vehicle Supervisor HMI (EVS HMI) is our off-the-shelf EV dash display solution. It enables users to connect to their CAN-based system to extract important information with ease. Upon purchasing this device, you will receive the DBC file for this unit. Using Raptor-Dev or other embedded development environments, it is trivial to connect a CAN device with an explicit DBC file to your system. Please see below for any product downloads, screenshots, and more information.

Product Benefits

  • 3.5" color display, brightness adjustable
  • Fully waterproof, IP67 display hardware
  • Pre-built CAN-based application to interface with any system
  • Series of status and fault notifications can be displayed, controlled over CAN


This software can be reprogrammed onto any Raptor VeeCAN 320 or 320L units.

The new EVS HMI has replaced New Eagle's previous in-vehicle EV dash display pre-built application.


User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the DBC file provided with this display and software combination?

    A: Yes, you will receive the full DBC file for this unit upon purchase.

Q: Reverse battery protection on VeeCAN 320?

    A: Yes, the display will take reverse polarity for an indefinite amount of time.

Q: Can I modify this application?

    A: You are able to customize any portion of this software or create your own custom display using Raptor-Dev. To modify this application or create your own, please contact our Sales Team.


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